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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

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Oh, job.
Yesterday morning, FormerUnitHead called on his way to class across the river, asking if I could get a copy of this 1993 New Yorker article that he was gonna need 30 copies of for class. It's on the syllabus for next Monday, so he was gonna need copies to distribute in class on Wednesday. I with Nicole in B's office when he called, so he left a voicemail. I made assorted efforts to track down a copy and learned that my best bet was to brave the stacks of Widener and make a photocopy from a bound volume. So I called him back (leaving a voicemail since by this time he was in class) telling him this and saying I have to go by the Yard on my way home anyway, so unless he has a better idea, but call me back and lemme know. I hear nothing, so after class I go and get this taken care of. I get in this morning and there's a voicemail message from him from 8:05 this morning saying I don't need to do that, his co-teacher has an old xerox, so they'll just make copies from that. He was apologetic, and proof of my fondness for him is that I feel not at all annoyed.


In other news, I was looking through the teevee.org April Fool's posts. Highlights:
* Heroes (with West Wing cameo)
* Studio 60-Without a Trace
* Top Headlines:
12. Sunnydale Crater Vigil Enters 1,245th Increasingly Creepy Day

Also: Locus Magazine (Neil Gaiman) [seen via his blog]


Lea, one of our reading assignments for class this week was Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, and it was the first time I saw the word "Angevin" outside of your username :) The movie came up in class, and listening to the prof talk about it, I endorse Henry/Thomas slash.
"I just want to feel safe in my own skin"
So, MaryAlice was talking about having sympathy pains with her sister whose foot is all busted up, and Eric thinks feet are kind of gross [I remember this from when we watched Firefly] and over the course of conversation he mentioned that he used to walk on his tippy-toes (I think as a little kid) and got called "Twinkle Toes" for it. "That's not why they called you Twinkle Toes," MaryAlice said without missing a beat. We all agreed he had walked into that one like whoa. (Though as I've said before, I really don't read him as effeminate at all.) She and I agree that this will entertain us all afternoon. ::snickers some more::

And Rickie was on today's West Wing (5.18 "Access"). Michelle says she owns My So-Called Life and I could borrow it some time. (Yes, I have still never seen it.)

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