April 5th, 2007


So, remember how I said that after we watched HIMYM S1 disc 1, CAUMC!Michelle was threatening to send me phone messages a la Barney in "Sweet Taste of Liberty"?  That was a week ago, so I was thinking she had forgotten.  10:28 this morning I received a pic of her doing the two-fingers to her eyes thing, with text message: "Suit up!"  I almost texted back message "phone five!"

Maundy Thursday service tonight started in a literal upper room, and we did Communion around a table (with matzoh!) in groups of twelve.  Michelle happened to be seated at the table so she was facing me (who was still sitting in the general area).  She kind of smirked at me, and I was tempted to do the two-finger-eye thing but hi, she was at the Communion table.  She, apparently, had no such qualms, 'cause she totally did the gesture at me.  The second part of the service was downstairs in the sanctuary, and since she's in the choir we were again in easy eye contact.  And she did it again.  I kept giggling every time I looked at her.


Other highlights of the day:  Approximately two hours with TSS trying to get Prof.B.'s computer to register its network connection.  (Ultimately our tech found an easy way to solve the problem, but it took a long time to discern what exactly the problem was and how exactly to fix it.)  At one point he got an error message including "network path was not found" and he was on the phone to someone back in TSS who suggested that he pull up Internet Explorer and Google it; "I've never seen that error message before."  "Best tech support ever," I said.

Then after we had finally got that sorted, Nicole printed out a draft of something in color and said, showing me the document with its pink streaks, "Also, you're printer's freaking (me) out.  I know that's exactly what you don't wanna hear right now."  That turned out to be an easy fix, thankfully.


I brought the new Buffy comic to the gym (I'd been rationing it), but I just can't read with the bobbing motion on the elliptical.  So I did the interval course, going backward the whole time, really making an effort to get and keep my heart rate up through the whole half hour.  Definitely doing the cross-train program tomorrow.

After the gym I walked to Porter Square for Qdoba dinner, walked to Davis, picked up my ILL copies of this year's Tiptree winners, finished reading the Buffy comic (see previous entry), and went to Maundy Thursday service.  (Writeup to follow at some point.)  As per always, CSI spoilers behind a cut-tag, please.  I'm thinking maybe Saturday I'll get to watch tonight's ep?  Though tomorrow actually has the potential to be slow at work (she says, jinxing herself).