April 7th, 2007

older Cordelia

"I could drink a case of you, and I would still be on my feet."

Yesterday I did the Cross-Train program on the elliptical.  That turned out to be lame -- pedal forward at Resistance 1, pedal backward at Resistance 8.  So today I tried the Cross-Country program, and plugged it in for 60 minutes since I had few obligations this afternoon.  Turns out the Cross-Country program is hardcore -- from Resistance 2 to Resistance 18 -- so I ended up calling it quits after 40 minutes.  I did get to 3 miles in 35 minutes, though, which had been my goal.  (The amount of distance I've gone in a set amount of time has steadily increased each session.)  And I'm definitely doing the Cross-Country program next time I'm in the gym (Tuesday).

My tv viewing options were Veggie Tales or Godsmack shooting machine guns on NESN (turned out to be Charlie Moore Outdoors).  The next episode of Charlie Moore had Boston Rob from Survivor.  (He was wearing a t-shirt that said, "Any team can have a bad century.")  I thought of you, Amy, 'cause, Survivor.

Afterward I chatted with Joe who was working the desk (as I had last Saturday; today he let me in without needing to see my ID; yay).  He's reading Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection.  ♥  (Er, no pun intended.)

On my way to the gym I saw a car crash on Mem. Drive, and on my way back I saw Alyssa (in nothing resembling a car crash).  Ah, city.

I did laundry and grocery shopping, but not my taxes, and my room is still a disaster.  (I knew neglecting to do my taxes in a timely fashion would result in my misplacing my W-2's.  Grr.  At least it's only my temp agency one I can't find, not my Harvard one.)  I did manage to start to dig through the mounds of papers that have been accumulating.  And I made myself dinner, which counts for something.

I actually signed on to AIM for the first time in ages, and chatted with lots of people, which was nice (though obviously not conducive to doing anything productive like church writeups).

I'm reading The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, and one of the characters says, "Remember, pain is not a test," which I thought was particularly appropriate to meditate on this Easter weekend.

In other news, OriginalRoomie mentioned heading down to Harvard Square tonight for a Zero Theatre show she'd helped on.  So of course I got curious and Googled, 'cause I've gotten out of the loop.  I got all excited to see Orpheus X and then realized the dates were 2006.  No fair having posters of old shows under the heading "Upcoming Shows."

I kinda wanna go to sunrise service (especially since I'll be missing Cambridge Welcoming regular service due to going home for Easter dinner), but I am not at all optimistic about this getting-up-at-5am thing.