April 11th, 2007

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etc.& [CAUMC] devotional: intimacy with God [2007-04-10]

Coming in early meant I could leave early, which meant I could go to the gym and then meet Tiffany for coffee at 5:30 -- rescheduled from 6:30 so that I could go to young adult small group, rescheduled from Thursday because Trelawney's going to Jesus Christ Superstar with Cambridge Welcoming.

I did the Cross-Country program on the elliptical today, and it kicked my ass way harder than it had on Saturday.  Maybe because I've been away from the gym for a few days?  Even resistance 8 and 10, which were previously easy were a challenge.  (2.28 miles in 30 minutes.)  Am going to rethink my weekly workout schedule to work up to this.

I treated myself to a fruit smoothie afterward.  The day's special was avocado-banana.  Not something I ever would have thought of.  Wasn't bad, though.

Coffee with Tiffany was nice.  We talked about me a lot.  I would have preferred a long discourse on sexual ethics or something, but I'm okay with getting-to-know you sessions.  In talking about possibly pursuing more structured religious study, she said BU gives scholarships to basically anyone with a brain and also said that it comforts her that you can always try something and then quit, that you are not stuck in a career for the rest of your life or anything.

I backdated private entries for all the church writeups I still need to finish, 'cause this seemed less unwieldy than the ever-growing gmail draft I've got going on.  And also because I've recently been feeling like I actually wanna post current writeups but it messes with the ordering, so this solves that dilemma.  (Yes, I know I'm a little bit crazy.)  ...  It's 36 entries.  Given that it's 2+ months of ~4 church events each week I guess that number isn't all that huge, but still.  This of course guarantees that no one will read them, but I'm okay with that.

(I also did some backtagging -- April 2003.  The data organization is somewhat overwhelming, but oh, I had so much joy then.  And I think I really did appreciate it, which is a comfort to me.)

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you think you know...

"If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake...."

More faculty responded to my e-mail about scheduling interview slots for the two visitors (scheduled for these upcoming two Wednesdays) than I had recalled, which is a great comfort to me. However, the responses largely consist of little or no availability, which is problematic. Am gonna have to talk to Prof.B. about this at some point, soonish.

FormerUnitHead is enjoying the "antique" (his word) notion of getting actual books out from the library.

This morning, sk8eeyore said: Lately I've been all, "Wait, how many communities is she involved in now?" and needing backstory.
Would anyone else be interested in some sort of a me-primer? It should surprise no one that I need little prompting to talk about myself :)

(In other news, JoeF's Herald column today made me cry, 'cause I'm a big ole marshmallow.)
professional me, self

"You'll be a whisper over trumpets and torrents of sound."

I did the interval program on the elliptical today.  Again, pushing myself to get and keep my heart rate up.

mile 1 - 10:41
mile 2 - 20:50
mile 3 - not yet reached at the 30-minute mark when cool down commences

The whole first row of elliptical machines were all in use, so I took a back row one, from which vantage point I saw that the adjoining "room" has a couple rowing machines, so I did a half hour on there afterward.

And then I went to GapBody to get a sports bra.  Full evening.  (I would also like to procure black dress pants, pajamas, blue jeans, and possibly some new shirts.  Sigh.  I dislike [clothes] shopping, in large part because I'm so picky and it's so hard to find stuff that fits.)


The flist (in this case, musesfool) informed me that thamiris died.  I didn't recognize her name, but looking at her website I find she wrote the Bible fic "In Principio" (a sensual fic about Creation) that I have recced here.

I recommend penknife's Five temptations that Crowley hasn't yet succeeded in seducing Aziraphale into.

Tiffany (CWM pastor) posted her Easter sermon (or some variation thereon) on her blog and talks about how after Easter we return to our less-than-perfect lives, as did the people of Jesus' time.  My mom liked her focus on looking for the "little" resurrections.