April 23rd, 2007

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[CAUMC] prayer (Kahlil Gibran) [2007-04-19]

We were gonna watch the LtQ DVD on "intimacy with God," but Trelawney had the wrong disc, so instead we did the "Bonus Reading" from the associated handout: "on prayer" from the prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

We read the whole thing in turns around the circle (okay, our version skipped the first two lines) and then went back and discussed line by line (obviously not having time to get through the whole thing).

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[CHPC] Third Sunday of Easter (Earth Day) [2007-04-22]

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During coffee hour I chatted with Luke (who goes to Harvard Divinity with Sarah&Tim). At one point I admitted I had forgotten his name, and he said, "Luke, like Star Wars... or the Gospel."
I talked some about extension school and mentioned an interest in maybe getting a degree in Religion or English. Luke said, quite strongly, "Don't do the divinity school." He said it's very academic and there really isn't much reflection, which is something he thinks should be like the point of a divinity school. He and Tim agreed that no one really likes it and also that there's this very high-powered culture of achieving which one eventually gets sucked into.
I asked how the theology classes are if it's very academic rather than reflective, and Luke said, "There are no theology classes." He said he took a Science and Religion class, which was basically a theology class, and people were just yelling at each other, they couldn't agree on anything, not even definitions of concepts. He said it was too big a class for discussion so basically you just got one-liners. He said there's a very diverse community, but it means they can't ever agree on anything.
He mentioned Yale Divinity approvingly and later said that it's "like a church that happens to teach religion," whereas Harvard is "a school... that happens to teach religion."
So that was interesting.

[CWM] "Rise Up" [2007-04-22]

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Tiffany, Marla, etc. are pushing Convo.
It's the first weekend in August, so it wouldn't interfere with any of my other plans (birthday celebrations throughout July, the UK & Prague in mid-late August). Cheap registration is until April 30, so I have a little time to make up my mind.
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and, Monday...


We ate lunch outside again.  And the GlobalVegetarian was Greek, so I got spanikopita :)

At one point, MaryAlice mentioned the Alan Alda movie Same Time, Next Year.  Katie said, "Like Brokeback Mountain."  Eric initially wtf-ed but hi, it's a totally valid comparison -- which on reflection he did concede.

The Eric highlight, however, was (possibly during the conversation about the cruise MaryAlice might be going on?): "No offense to feminists, but... some women just shouldn't wear dresses."

I asked for suggestions/recommendations of places to eat near Newton Centre Station.  Eric suggested Bertucci's, which I was all prepared to do but when I checked online it turned out to be a 12-minute bus ride from the station.  ::rolls eyes::  It looked like there was a plaza with eateries right near the train station, though, so I figured we'd be fine.

MaryAlice pointed out that my friend and I would be dressed up, then said, "Is Elizabeth one of those women who shouldn't wear a dress?"
I said I was actually planning on changing my clothes until I got there, so I wouldn't be riding the T in a knee-length skirt, but that I could change before I left work and ask Eric to make a determination.
He had already made some attempts at explaining himself and at this point explained more clearly that he had meant that some women just don't feel comfortable wearing dresses, so then they don't look good wearing them, that he hadn't actually been doing the "I know this is offensive but I'm going to say it anyway" (which I had accused him of doing by using those sorts of disclaimers) but was actually not trying to be offensive.  We agreed that perhaps he should have just said that in the first place rather than saying the offensive thing.

Katie and I took the T to Park St., and when we got out it was really crowded and she said there was a Yankees game.  I was not aware of this.

I was less than ten minutes later than my hopeful arrival time in meeting Ari.  We ended up going to Sapporo Restaurant -- one of the first restaurants we saw, and I was kind of in the mood for Asian food.  It was good.

We went back to her room and changed into our pretty dresses.  (Sorry, we didn't take any pictures.)

The music was much like unto my prom (2001).  One woman reminded me of Emma -- long hair swept up, similar facial structure, dressed all in black but totally clothes I could see Emma wearing, having a lot of fun out on the dance floor.
We abstained from dancing for a while, but after watching people for some time, I began to remember how I actually do enjoy dancing (my prom, the last WriterCon, etc.)  I said to Ari, "I don't wanna like force you," which she misheard as, "I don't wanna flirt with you."  (Yeah, the fact that loud music makes conversation difficult does not thrill me.)  Sadly, around that time a lot of the people who had been dancing were leaving, so it wasn't very much fun and we soon returned to wallflowering.  Sigh.

We took the train back around 11pm.  We pulled into Fenway and gee, the game had let out.  At first I thought there were more people on the Outbound side than the Inbound side, which seemed odd to me.  However, after the train had boarded and begun to pull out I realized there was a huge crowd like unto Fourth of July, with security guards.  Oh.  Wow.


My plan had been to take Ari to South Station then go to the gym and do laundry (and buy a new external hard drive since my computer had been freaking out when I turned it on Saturday night so Ari could check her e-mail).

However, Ari and I stayed up talking and around 2:30 decided to just stay up all night rather than get a few hours of sleep and be groggy.  (She would have to leave my apartment ~7:15am to make her train home.)  Around 5am this was looking like less of a good idea, but it was too late to change our minds then.

I was seriously fading by the time we left for South Station, so Ari got a coffee, boarded her train, and I learned later survived her day at work; I instead went home and took a nap for 5 hours.  This of course scrapped my plans, but was clearly necessary.

After I woke up, I took a shower and went to Border Cafe (Harvard Square, Church Street) for a CHPC get-together.  There were ~17 people.  It was kinda meh, in part because I ended up sitting proximal to people I wasn't all that interested in.  My food was yummy, though -- corn and black bean empanada.
As we were getting ready to leave, I saw Alyssa at a table near us.  Hee.

Next was Layna's party.  It was weird not recognizing a significant portion of people, since I've gotten used to recognizing everyone having been to a number of her parties.

We played Apples to Apples.  Collapse )

Unlike last time, I did not stay until the very end but departed at 1am.


At 10am the kitchen windows were open and weather.com said 61F.  It smelled like summer.  This of course worries me, as hot&humid makes me wanna die, so I do not enjoy the preludes to summer.

Apparently everyone else was was doing laundry today as well, and I had decided to take off my flannel sheets so I had more laundry than usual.  (I know it's gonna cool down later in the week, but it still seemed a good time to switch out my sheets.)  It wasn't too bad, though.

9:45pm, windows open, weather.com says 56F: nice.  (Yes, by now I have closed one of the windows.)

(Grr, technology keeps being mean to me.  Seriously need to buy an external hard drive, 'cause my computer keeps freaking out, which worries me.)

Want sleep.
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"send a signal that she's hanging all her hopes on the stars"

[Listening to this song, I tend to forget how sad it is until I really listen to the words.]

International today was Greek, so I got spanikopita again :)  I realized as I went outside that I could have gotten a regular plate rather than a takeaway box, but I ended up not eating the last spanikopita I'd gotten, so having a takeaway container was good.  My dinner was that and the yogurt parfait I bought with lunch on Friday and never ate.

This warm weather exacerbates my sleepiness.  I slept through so much of class tonight.  I didn't find anything on the extension school website about withdrawing from a course, and I suspect it's too late in the semester anyhow.  I really don't actually care that much if I get an F in the class, but I do want to tell the professor what's up.  I felt too out of it to stick around after class, though, so I need to e-mail him tomorrow.

[Edit: Woot, the next morning the Extension School sent out an end-of-semester info e-mail which included, "Sunday, April 29 is the last day you may withdraw ONLINE from spring courses."]

When Tiffany was encouraging me to do a program, she said I could always quit, and I've been thinking about that a lot this past week as I feel more and more convinced that I do not wanna do the work for this class.  I really have no obligation, and it's not like I'm in a depressive funk in which I'm doing nothing.  My room is a disaster, and I need to focus on getting it at least a little bit cleaned up.  This list of clothing stuff I need to buy keeps growing (dress pants and shirts, summer shoes, pajamas, undergarments, jeans).  I have various sets of summer vacation plans (birthday, Reconciling Convo, UK&Prague).  I'm reading various things (and the books for Reunion need to make it on there as well).  Oh, and going to the gym of course.

Since I have had my desktop computer for six years, I suspect that the fact that it's been seriously freaking out recently is a fair indicator that I should purchase a new one.  I want one that comes packaged with Corel (despite likeadeuce's complaints) so I'm thinking this (Lenovo).  The price is about what I paid for my desktop back in the day.  I should call my brother about this, since he's the computer expert in the family.

I'm also thinking I should get a credit card for when I'm in Europe so I don't need to worry about overdrawing my bank account.

When I was changing my sheets yesterday I was pondering whether it was time to get a new pillow, and then today antheia posted saying she'd just bought these.  Hmm.

Okay, bedtime now.