April 29th, 2007

choose to be [unhappyending]

"Strong is fighting. It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every day. It's what we have to do."

I misquoted that as "Life is hard, and it's fighting, and it's every day." at church book study tonight.  BtVS reference ftw.

My cold has remained at low-grade status.  I am behind on writeups (though currently caught up on tv watching) and feel like I haven't been very good at engaging with the flist.  I'm tired and feel like I'm not accomplishing much.  I have so much joy in my life, though.

I withdrew from my Medieval Church class and registered for Convo.

I have been reminded on two separate occasions this weekend how amazing my mother is.  (My father is also awesome, in case that sentence seemed to imply otherwise.)  And many thanks to my dearly beloved (in a gen way, of course) for continuing to put up with my crazy.

I'm also going to College Reunion (as I have mentioned before).  Arriving some time Thursday night, leaving some time after Graduation ceremonies on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to seeing so many people.  My only specific plans are:
* "Read With Us" sessions on Friday from 9am-1pm
* and the Saturday class dinner ("Class dinners include social hour with appetizers, salad, entrée, dessert with coffee or tea, and wine during dinner."  For only $28) social hour at 5:30, class dinner at 6:30.
I suppose I should do Ivy Day.

I'm trying to start getting more specific about dates for Europe, so I started looking at festivals in Scotland, and I think I need to be in Scotland somewhere in August 11-18 to see a new version of Euripides' The Bacchae with Alan Cumming as Dionysus.
    I think London-Wales-Belfast-Scotland-Prague makes the most sense, so the next step is to figure out if there's any specific time I should visit Prague.  I hope to get to pick Mr. Mac's brain about this as well.
[Edit: Actually, given Trelawney's stated preference for my visiting after August 18, London-Scotland-Belfast-Wales-Prague might make more sense.]

(Sidenote: Gillian, I was at a party Saturday night and chatted with a guy who's doing a Ph.D. in Celtic at Harvard and is from Cardiff -- and apparently one of his colleagues at Harvard is a Smith grad who's doing a Wales program this summer to boot.)