May 1st, 2007

you think you know...

a me-primer, take 1

This isn't how I had originally envisioned a "me-primer" looking, but I did it by flist request (as seemed most sensible) so here it is.

sk8eeyore: Lately I've been all, "Wait, how many communities is she involved in now?" and needing backstory.

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ladyvivien: I want a you-primer! That would be fun to read, I think. [...] Hmmm... a State of the Elizabeth speech ;)

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lunabee34: I would like to hear about the little things, things that don't come up often in conversation like your favorite colors and why or what kind of flowers you like and which posters if any you've got on your walls.

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Ari (wisdomeagle) asked for identifiers of the people I talk about.

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I will gladly take requests for further explanation and/or additional topics.

"I'm trying to remember what they made me last time that I really liked. I think it was

-the guy behind me at the fruit smoothie vendor

I worked through my lunch hour today 'proctoring' the Baxter exercise, so I left work early, walked home, complete with a Harvard fruit smoothie (day's special: mango-papaya-banana).

This morning when I was almost at work I realized I had forgotten to write my rent check.  However, when I got home the landlord had not yet come by to pick up.  Nice.


Hi, my recs theme this month is apparently "crack."  With only a small side of "remix" as I haven't had much time to read the remix fics (or many fics period, as the scantiness of this update implies).

small voice: I think I'm gonna get sucked into for the tagging.  I was thinking it would be great to be able to point someone to a list of really cool remix stories, and there's no easy way to do that with my website, whereas on I could simply make a "remix" tag.  However, this has gotta wait until the course is over, 'cause it will swallow me whole.