May 26th, 2007

[Heroes] names + the most recent comics

I know, I know, descriptive > prescriptive and I'm not sufficiently pomo and all, but seeing characters' names misspelled (fanfic, episode reaction posts) just makes me wince. If I see "Nikki" one more time.... Leaving aside the fact that character's names often show up in title cards on screen, it's not that hard to check on IMDb -- which while admittedly not infallible is fairly good for stuff like this.

[Interesting, I checked Missy Peregrym's IMDb back in mid-March to check on the Candace/Candice spelling, and it listed her character's name as "Faith." Cue Hebrews 11:1 -- "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."]


comics 33-34: Collapse )
moon house

"these tumbleweeds roll by"

Well, in OriginalRoomie's defense (cf. last night's entry), she cleaned the kitchen floor today.  (Points off for leaving the radio on in the kitchen after she'd left, though.  At least it wasn't so loud that I could still hear it with my bedroom door closed.)

I did not die from heat today!

I did laundry.  ...  That was about the extent of my productivity today, but I'm okay with that.  (Though I am now realizing that when I try to go to sleep I will regret that I didn't suck it up and go procure a window fan.)  I got a bit of tidying done and a bit of reading done, and I got to sleep in.

I watched some SVU tonight and ended up catching the last scene of Hannibal.  I now totally wanna see the movie.

via jadelennox: The RedSox are so gay.  Heart.