June 7th, 2007


summer planning

As some of you may know, my birthday falls on a Monday this year. Which means antheia's birthday falls on a Saturday. And indeed a la 2 years ago when the Saturday actually was my birthday, she is planning a big bash at some NYC bar.

This however does beg the question of when I'm gonna do a Boston celebration of my birthday.

The Saturday following my birthday is already claimed for Northampton birthday etc. celebration.

And my brother is definitely in town for the summer, which means the possibility of a joint family celebration -- complicated by the fact that I leave for the long weekend of Reconciling Convo the day after his mid-week birthday.



Saturday June 9 - Boston Pride (queer church in the morning, then somehow meeting up with people at Festival)
also: Wednesday June 13 - "a regional training for the new Called to Witness initiative" (which I have until June 11th -- Monday -- to RSVP for) [edit: This has been trumped by dinner at "Firefly" with an aunt&uncle I haven't seen in years. /edit]
Saturday June 16 - open
Saturday June 23 - open -- edit:
     I was looking through some old entries, and dude, Mermaid Parade!
     Alternatively, Amy picked up a flyer at Pride for gay day at Franklin Park Zoo.
     And Sue's hosting a women's potluck at 5pm that day. /edit
Saturday June 30 - great-aunt Grace's funeral in Falmouth (which I haven't yet decided if I'm going to, so I guess could do a non-family birthday celebration that day)
Saturday July 7 - NYC for antheia et al (need to solidify crash space -- would be a convenient way to see Beth or Alexis, though it would make the most sense to crash with someone who'll actually be going out with us, and I'm not sure either of their schedules would allow that)
Monday July 9 [my actual birthday] - get taken out to lunch at work, go to Norwood for the evening and have Terry take me out for a drink
Saturday July 14 - Northampton for Emma et al (specific dates TBD)
Saturday July 21 - open
Saturday July 28 - open [edit: CWM benefit concert /edit]
     Details: "CWM Benefit Concert at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square // Invite your friends for a benefit concert with the Milling Gowns headlining a diverse array of local bands." [9pm-1am]
Saturday August 4 - Reconciling Convo (Thurs. 2nd - Sun. 5th -- need to talk with Marla or someone about housing)
Saturday August 11 and 18 - in Europe (need to solidify dates/plans) [Edit: Europe = Thursday, August 9 - Saturday, August 25 /edit ]