June 11th, 2007


"This old world well don't it make you wanna think damn"

I did a serious revamp of my UserInfo.  Pithy and therefore hopefully new-user friendly, though it feels fantastically boring to me.  [Ari will sympathize with the fact that I can't figure out how to tag this entry for this piece of content -- some variation on "self: lj: userinfo"?  Oh, this reminds me, though, that I was gonna look up Semagic and tagging.]  Collapse )

I opted not to sign up for the EDS class, 'cause I realized that between ASL and CAUMC I would be attending all of three evenings worth of class.


Jessica and Bianca had to have seen my dogtag this morning when we were talking, and they didn't say anything about it.  (I had been concerned that it would clash with the professional image we're supposed to be presenting -- not that I think queer != professional, but that imprinted dog tags != professional.)

Mary Alice loved my dogtag (and knew immediately that it was re: "Don't ask, don't tell").  I had lovely chatting with her and Greg.

Greg said that on Sunday(?) he and his wife got out at Arlington and walked around and going up either Boylston or Newbury, they passed a church with a big pride banner and she was confused and, recalling our conversation, Greg explained that yes there are a few churches that are accepting/affirming of gay people.  I said there are in fact a lot.

Nicole and I chatted briefly about our weekends and she said she volunteered at an AIDS clinic Saturday morning and got invited to have a spot on the float (but it was like 11am and she had things to do that day, so she declined, though she did end up seeing part of the parade).  When I mentioned how my usual Sunday is church-laundry-church, she said, "You're all-church all-the-time, you're going straight to heaven -- you're on the fast lane."  I said a lot of it is queer church, so probably there are plenty of people who don't think I'm going straight to heaven :)


I had a headache all day, so I was gonna do the elliptical 'cause that's low-impact, but at 5:30 they were all in use.  The students are supposed to be all gone; how is this possible?  So I did the treadmill at 5mph, and it felt like a comfortable jogging pace, but I was so not up for it.  A couple times I took it down to 4mph for ten or twenty seconds of fast walking, but at 14min I ultimately quit.  I've done the half hour multiple times before, so I was telling myself that I could do it, but pushing myself that much just wasn't happening.  An elliptical had opened up, so I did that for 5min, but then I quit that, too.  Going home and taking drugs and lying down seemed the healthiest thing I could do for myself.

I took a quick shower first, obviously, and they've replaced the old scale where you move the weight bars with a digital one, so on a whim I stepped on it.  Collapse )