July 8th, 2007

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[CWM] The Season After Pentecost [2007-07-08]

I got in to Davis about 5:20 and wasn't sure I was up for being around people more, but I decided to go to church anyway. Collapse )


This woman Sarah is from Foundry in DC (where Tiffany was guest-preaching this morning) and is in Boston for 6 weeks teaching an acting class. We were chatting while waiting for dinner to be ready, and she asked how long I'd been coming here and about the church which shares the building and so of course I got talking about CAUMC small group and told her she'd be welcome to come any time, so that would be nice.

Mark, Sharon, and Michele were chatting with Kirk and Liz. Kirk was telling a story about someone he knew who attended an elementary school pageant or something, and the kids had learned signs for a song they sang, but had clearly not learned them from an actual Deaf person (they learned them from a book) because for "triangle" they just put their hands together making a triangle shape (the ASL sign is drawing a triangle in the air) and that's an actual ASL sign for something else; yeah.
     We sing "Come, O Holy Spirit, Come" most Sundays, so they were asking him how you sign the other meaning of "come." There's a male and a female one, and they were highly entertained, saying they were totally planning to make those signs when we sing that hymn next week.
     I asked Kirk how you sign "Peace be with you," 'cause he's signed it to me during the Passing of the Peace the past couple weeks but I can never remember how to do it back. So then they were mimicking that, and Mark was trying to be all cool making a smooth motion from the "with" to the "you" and ended up doing a Charlie's Angels kind of motion, then commenting that perhaps there was a bit of cognitive dissonance there. Michele reminded him that they had punched the peace the other week. Kirk and I had totally missed this. Apparently when Tiffany was doing her super-inclusive "We share signs of peace in many different ways," they decided to run with that and were punching each other in the arm and so forth.

Over dinner, Fame came up (also, Flashdance) and there was a bit of dramatic singing, and I quipped, "In case it wasn't already obvious that this is the gay church."

Bound was also mentioned, and Michele swears it's a good movie (it occurs to me that I still haven't gotten around to doing my writeup of Reunion wherein I watched that movie for the first time, but yeah, I beg to differ). Kirk was saying an astonishing number of gay men love that movie, which boggles me. He also mentioned Blue Velvet, which I haven't -- "Only David Lynch could make Isabella Rossellini look ugly. Creepy!"

Will works at Auburndale but has the summers off, so he and Sean have been going to morning church at other area Methodist churches -- Union, etc. He said something about "building bridges" and I said, "Oh yeah, you're being ecumenical as a good Christian community member, while I do it as a selfish academic."

Some of Tallessyn&Dan's family is visiting, it was one of the boys' tenth birthday, so there was cake. Which reminded me that my mom's chocolate cake is an integral part of my birthday celebration, but I don't wanna add stress to my overworked mother's life, plus with all our schedules (mine in particular) we're not actually doing an in-house party but are just going out to dinner after work.

The continuing birthday celebration. (Would you believe this is the abbreviated version?)

On my way to get my hair cut Saturday morning, someone asked me for directions to Davis Square. I gave them and said I was going that way myself, so we walked part way together.  He said he was looking for housing, was moving here to be a student.  I asked if he was going to Tufts, and almost sheepishly he said he was going to seminary, at Harvard.  I immediately responded that that was awesome and that I had a number of friends going to div school and was jealous of them that they got to spend all their time studying theology.  His name is Kieran.  I approve of him.

As I said, I went to Salon Femia and got my hair cut.  I think I like it.

I ended up having enough time to do laundry, have lunch, and pack with time to spare.  Nice.

On the train to South Station I started reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and wow, from the very beginning it's so much darker than the movie.  It also makes me really wanna rewatch the movie to compare.  (Not that I have the time to finish reading the novella, nevermind rewatch the movie.)

I stopped at Master Wok at South Station to get a drink.  I almost got an almond milk tea but decided instead to get a banana milk juice.  I'd never actually had boba before, and yeah, never again.  I don't really like the taste, and I'm also not a fan of chewy bits in my drinks.

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We seem to be back to having 2 trash barrels.  I approve.

P.S. Mark, the Shakespeare movie Keanu was in was the one I was thinking of.  It's called Much Ado About Nothing.