July 13th, 2007


"In Arizona at the turn of the century..."

It's looking like I'll just do Saturday in Northampton this weekend (arrival 10:35am, departure 8:40pm).  Thoughts?  Edit: Looks like I might get to stay into Sunday after all.  Would this be worth it to people? /edit

I have really got to solidify my Europe trip, as I leave in less than a month (!).  ::fails::  I have booked my flight to Nashville, though, and I booked my hotel for there a while ago (though I still need to select workshops).  So I don't totally fail.  Part of the problem is that my trip basically ends on a Wednesday and I can't decide between coming home (and either having a long weekend or going into work just for a day) and going to like Barcelona for a few days.  I think I'm gonna go with Barcelona.

For no reason other than that I wanted distraction, I read musesfool's spn_summergen fic.  I have basically not interest in Supernatural, but I'm glad I read the fic 'cause Sam and Dean go to Sedona, and after the trip to the Southwest I took with my family I get all happy around that topic.  This made me think about going again, and whereas I'm usually inclined to go places on my own, I think I'd actually wanna go with a friend/s for this (I think because I've already been there once, so I would wanna show it off to people, as opposed to how with new stuff I wanna experience it on my own -- though we would definitely hit some stuff that we didn't hit in... whatever year that was).  It occurred to me that you really can't get around the Southwest without a car, and would that actually prompt me to finally learn to drive?  Though if I were going with other people, they could probably drive.


I ordered gym shorts from Target, 'cause long pants and working out are not such a good combination, and the first time I wore them I felt really conscious of the fact that my legs are unshaven, but today I didn't really think about it, which made me feel happy and self-confident.

I did the elliptical as per usual and purposely tried to push myself.  I felt like I did a good job of steadily pushing myself throughout the half hour.  I still don't get that endorphin rush, but whatever.

1mi @ 11:22min
2mi @ 23:02min
2.58mi @ 30min
2.93mi post- 5minute-cooldown

I had enough time after to do some weights and still get to CAUMC on time, but I wasn't feeling up for it.  However, I picked up Smart Girls Do Dumbbells from the library and started reading it, and I haven't even gotten to the part where she actually outlines exercises to do, but I am already in love with the idea of doing this.  (Must add "purchasing light weights" to my To Do List.)

Edit: Oh, and Laura got one of those clip-on pedometers from Target, and I am kind of tempted to get one myself 'cause I would be really interested to see how much walking I do (though it's kind of a silly idea, since I've already plugged my commute in to Gmaps Pedometer, and I don't do a whole lot of walking besides that -- but that's part of the point, isn't it? to see how much walking you actually do, as opposed to how much you feel like you do). /edit


I watched a fair amount of the NBC news at the gym.

The top story at 5:30 was: body found outside building in Somerville.  They said off Broadway, but Broadway runs a long way, so that wasn't helpful.  The Globe article says Winter Hill, which is way at the other end of town from me.

Other news:

Tori Spelling became an ordained reverend (they didn't say through which organization, though GoogleNews results tell me it was an online course), and married a a same-sex couple at her chateau.

Lance Bass joins "Hairspray" (Broadway version).  I mention this because I expect elucidate_this will care :)

"We have high hopes like the old popes / Even St. Peter's bones decay"

I'm almost ready to make my del.icio.us public, but I'm still tagging and my big problem is what to do with stories that aren't primarily pairing stories. I want pairing stories to also be tagged with each character's name, so you can click on a character's name and see all the fics involving them as major characters, but I also want a way to be able to pull up the non-pairing fics about any given character . . . as well as ensemble fics. This is further complicated by the existence of fics which pair a single character with a number of other people but the focus is really on the single character, so it would be more accurate to tag it with just the main character than with all the pairings, but I can't tag it "non-ship" or "non-pairing" or "gen." (I'm not even touching the issue of surprise pairings/characters.)

Yes, I realize my del.icio.us will be more complicated than anyone else's ever, and that possibly I will only serve to overwhelm anyone who comes across it. In my delusional world it maximizes del.icio.us' usefulness, though.