July 21st, 2007

moon house

(Man, there is construction *everywhere.*)

I slept in later than I had intended to, and didn't accomplish all the errands on my list (though when do I ever?), but I had an uncharacteristically productive shopping excursion.

First I got a Harvard fruit smoothie -- day's special was pineapple-orange-banana, twist of lime, no sugar, and he was right, it was sufficiently sweet.

I got a pair of black sneakers at Payless -- plus another pair of the rainbow sandals I love so much.  (I noticed last night that the base of one of the stilletos had come off, so the timing was particularly good.)

(There were Mennonites handing out pamphlets at Downtown Crossing.)

I don't usually have much success at H&M, but I found these jersey halter tops for $10/each.  They had grey and white and I bought one of each.  Rock on gym wear.  (If they had them in black I would totally buy one for clubbing type purposes.)

I didn't have any luck with dress clothes at Sears but did buy 3 pairs of jeans (all slightly different styles, but all fairly good -- I can't remember the last time I successfully found jeans).

I still didn't find gym shorts or night shirts at Target, but I did get the sports bra I so like in three other colors, plus a few things I hadn't been actively looking but which were in fact useful.  I considered getting a hand soap dispenser for the bathroom but didn't see any I liked enough to buy.

Waiting for the bus, there were these three girls (whom I would guess were high schoolers) and one had headphones and was singing along loudly and kinda off-key and one of her friends was telling her to knock it off and at one point said, "That lady's trying to read her book."  I think I look young enough that she could have easily said, "That girl," so I was quite pleased.

I saw Beth on the bus back home.  Yeah, I totally skipped ArtBeat.  Which I am okay with.  Mark was the only person at the CWM booth all day, which I felt bad about (yes, this makes me glad I wasn't at church last weekend to be guilt-tripped), though apparently he got asked on a date (which he accepted), so yay for that.

I had already decided to wash my sheets this weekend (all the humidity has made them perpetually limp) so plus the new clothes, yeah, I don't think I've ever had that much laundry.

Yeah, that was my day.