July 29th, 2007

moon house

[CHPC] persistent prayer [2007-07-29]

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At Coffee Hour, Tim was asking me about why I picked CHPC and what my church background (if any) was.  I explained, and said I might check out the Congregational church this fall.  He mentioned (not in a pressuring kind of way) that Sarah'll be the new intern this fall, will be up in the pulpit.  I would like to be around for that.  I am seriously considering doing a "longitudinal study" at the local Congregational church this fall, though.  (It and CHPC were my top choices after my most recent ecumenical Advent, and CHPC won out 'cause attending there would allow me to sleep later -- a 5-minute walk starting at 10:30 versus a 20-minute walk starting at 10.)