August 1st, 2007


Today I kept sort of forgetting that I'm leaving *tomorrow.*

I went to 12:10 Eucharist at SSJE with sk8eeyore (Sarah) and marketsquare (Chris) today.  (Who knew there was a monastery/chapel on Mem. Drive next to JFK Park?  Not me.)  Collapse )

I invited them back to Spangler for lunch and felt bad that I then abandoned them to go back to my desk (having already essentially taken my lunch hour).

Chris: "How do you two know each other?"
Sarah: "From LiveJournal, I guess."
Chris: "Oh, the old-fashioned way."
     Heart like whoa!  So much better than last time when we (and Ari) tried to explain LiveJournal to Jan :)


I learned that Labor Day weekend (well, Friday-Sunday) is:
Liberating Love, Celebrating Hope!
The National More Light Presbyterians Conference

Atlanta, GA. - August 31-September 2, 2007

I'm tempted (would be moreso if they actually had a schedule up).  I would feel really weird taking Friday off the week I get back, though.  Maybe next year?  (Not that I don't have enough travel plans for next year already.  If Convo turns out to be awesome, it had better not conflict with WriterCon next year.)


sigrun links to this article on Joss' Comic-Con appearance (did I miss him having a 2nd kid?).  Contains the same Buffy comic casting spoiler as in the "Ripper" link from my previous post.

Excerpt which many of you will appreciate:
Whedon then took a moment to tell the audience about a pet project he's been working on for some time: "I'm composing the score for a short film, a ballet starring Summer Glau." The film is called "The Serving Girl," and Whedon is reportedly in talks with a "great choreographer."

They now have tags on the machines in the gym explaining that you can plug your headphones into the thingies they attached to the machines and switch between the half a dozen channels (each tv is on a different channel, so switching it on your machine switches which one your headphones tune to).

I didn't push quite as hard on the elliptical today as I did last time, but still respectable:
1mi @ 11:23min
2 mi @ 23:05min
2.58?mi @ 30min


I've been drafting a post about the daily_deviant thing, so hopefully I can get that finished when I get back from Convo -- kicking off IBARW.


soundingsea has the most comprehensive coverage I've seen of the Twin Cities bridge collapse.

"The Interstate Hwy. 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed during the evening rush hour Wednesday, dumping an estimated 50 vehicles into the water and onto the land below"
paper symbols

Well, we'll see how this goes. (I am honestly mostly optimistic.)

My mother commented recently:
I would love a world where everyone can speak their mind and heart and expect a respectful response -- not that they will always meet wtih agreement, but with respect. And it would be REALLY nice if we could all stop making assumptions about each other based on some piddidly piece of information we imagine we know about one another and actually LISTEN.

To me, it seems to always come back to being present. If I can truly be present with you, in a moment in time, and begin to understand you, that moment becomes a glimpse of the Kingdom.
If you are so inclined, I would really appreciate prayers for Reconciling Convo.

I'll have my cell phone if you need to reach me, but I don't anticipate any internet access.

Below is an edited version of the schedule (probably more for my own reference than anything else).

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