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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, August 12th, 2007

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(I kind of wanna go home already.)
What happened to me that I became so procrastinatory? -- with full knowledge that this was self-sabotaging, to boot. This last-minute planning has been full of reminders as to why that's such a bad idea.

Kaite has been terribly patient as I've used her Internet again and again during my stay here. (Said stay has been fine, btw -- it's just the planning for the rest of the two weeks that has been troublesome.)

It looks like I'm going to be extending my stay in various places and cutting out Barcelona.

Send prayers that: my hostels are okay, I make all my connections, and my luggage never gets lost. (Feel free to pray for anything else re: me, as well, those are just my big concerns.)

I have Cate's UK mobile (0845 6000 789) though I've lost the charger. Am leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow, and I did some preliminary GoogleMapping as to stores where I can get a replacement, so that's good. I don't anticipate much Internet access this week, so Gillian, call me if you can (and e-mail, as a backup) re: meeting on Friday?

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