August 25th, 2007


I'm back.

And glad to be so.

Un-glad at the announcement when we touched down at 8:06pm that the outside temperature was 86F.  At that hour?  So not on, people.  Of course this isn't helped by the fact that I just spent 2+ weeks in temperatures much cooler than I had anticipated (to the point where I often thought I literally didn't have any shirts with me that were long/thick enough -- but this is me, so we know that wasn't a big problem).  Also, it feels rather like July to me since I've spent so much of this summer out of town, but we really are only a week from September (horrors, I know).

In better news, the construction of the building on Broadway has advanced sufficient that the sidewalk is open to the public again, and the renovation of my front lawn seems basically finished as well.

Anyway.  For a trip into which so little advance planning went, my Europe trip actually went really well.  (That said, I'm never doing this little advance planning again.)  I promise I'll do a brief writeup so that people can get the highlights without having to slog through my epic detailed narratives.

As far as my body's concerned, it's nearing on 4 in the morning (alternatively, I've been up since 3am in this time zone) so this entry has taken far too long to write and I should really clear the unpacking off my bed and fall over.

Oh, I had more Internet than I'd expected this trip, so I've been keeping up with the flist (albeit skimming), which is a relief.  I'll leave comments tomorrow, but if I miss anything crucial feel free to poke me.