September 5th, 2007

i fight fire with words

happy birthday to my dad

Y'all know my dad is amazing and to be credited with so much of who I am, right? (By virtue of his being the stay-at-home parent.) The analytical approach, the libertarian leanings, the obsession with consistency and honesty . . . Not that I'm not very much my mother's daughter as well, but it's my dad's birthday today. So yay for my daddy. And thank you for being so awesome, Dad.
big girl world

"i bought new hiking boots so you'd think i was cool"

So, apparently the reason my computer won't read the hard drive I just bought (or the digital camera I bought from Greg) is that I'm running ME rather than XP.  I can upgrade for $100 or I could just buy another computer -- though there's no easy/efficient way to transfer the data from this computer to a new one.  When I bought my computer(summer of 2001) I didn't see I'd ever need CD-burning capabilities, so I didn't spring for that extra feature -- though I did eventually buy an external CD burner.  Of course it doesn't burn DVDs.  My brother says CDs hold 700mb, so that's 10gb on 15 CDs.  I have, no lie, 12.5GB of music -- which is ridiculous.  (Who have I become?)

I'm also considering getting an iPod shuffle or something so I can listen to music while working out.  I am becoming so assimilated to the dominant culture it's almost sickening.

[Going through my music to see if I really want to keep everything, I'm reminded of stuff I'd forgotten about.  Which is shameful, 'cause some of it's stuff like Bif Naked.  This is such a nostalgia trip.]


Work was so busy today!  Loads of scheduling (with Prof.B. working from home and actually responding to his e-mail), then a list of articles to print out from Prof.D. and then some other tasks.  I got most stuff done by the time I left at 5, but wow.  I don't like that feeling of trying to do four different things at once -- especially when there's this constant back-and-forth.

I got a text msg from Mike (Eric's): "A couple of friends are going to lime light saturday night. You three are invited. Maryalice,elizabeth, and michelle."
    Googling, this is apparently karaoke (etc.).  And kind of freaks me out.

I did the elliptical today, and I didn't feel like I was pushing super-hard, but I made really good time.
1mi @ 10:25min
2mi @ 20:48min
2.84mi @ 30min

I saw upsidown on my way home, though I didn't say anything to her; it's not like we were ever close or anything.