September 12th, 2007


"L'Shana Tova"

I hadn't realized [until I wikipediaed] that Rosh Hashanah begins a period of Ten Days of Repentance; I had just thought it coincidental that Yom Kippur was so soon after.  I really need to learn more about the Jewish Holy Days.

On a lighter note: Sharon reposted a fabulous Rosh Hashanah joke.

Around 4pm today I finally stopped feeling like I had three different things I should be taking care of right at that moment. Of course, when I was heading home I remembered a bunch of things I should have taken care of.

Gymming in the morning has been working out, though it's definitely making my bedtime earlier.

I did the elliptical, cross training program again.
1mi @ 12:20min
2mi @ 24:52min
2.38(?)mi @ 30min

I wonder if there's some sort of law of diminishing returns involved -- that I should only be doing this every other day, give my body a rest (do weights or something on the off days).  But I don't feel sore or exhausted or anything -- I'm just slower-moving on the elliptical.

Walking to my building from the gym, it was too beautiful out to be inside, so I went to my office, dropped my stuff off, and then walked around campus for 15 minutes.