September 16th, 2007

that which IT has not [fox1013]

"Life isn't always fair, but God is always faithful." -UCN front lawn sign

I'm feeling better, having spent much of Saturday processing, but to spare me the trouble of retelling the story umpteen times, Collapse )

So yeah, if anyone wants to call some other evening just to say hi (I have extension school class on Mondays until 7:30, and Thursday is CAUMC small group from 7-10, but otherwise...), that would probably be lovely.  (Prayers are also appreciated, if you are so inclined.)


Happy things:

* Stephen Colbert wants a sign he should run for President. [via kita0610]

* After a Grade 9 male student at a Canadian high school is bullied (including being called a homosexual) for wearing a pink tank shirt, two Grade 12 students (also male) distribute pink tank tops and other pink items for students to wear. [via kita0610]

* "The youngest 'Hero' suits up" -- Noah Gray-Cabey goes shopping for the Emmys (though I checked IMDb, and the girl who plays Molly Walker is a year younger than him) [via sigrun]

P.S. fox1013 wrote Micah and Molly fic for heroes_bigboom.

Also, Ari came to CWM with me tonight (observing churches being a requirement for one of her classes), and due to train schedules we also got about an hour and a half to hang out beforehand.  (And we bumped into Layna on the way to church.)

Oh, and Jessie, I think I am lame and never thanked you for the collage you made for me, but it is lovely.

And worth_the_trip informs me that "YA author Lee Wind has recently launched his own blog about LGBTQ teen lit called I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell Do I Read?"