September 18th, 2007

hermione by oatmilk

Thinky things, rocking things, and usual things.

Things which fucking rock:

* Kathleen (Recruiting Coordinator this year) is so organized.  And is so into doing stuff electronically wherever possible -- shared server space, generating macros, etc.
* I entertained Prof.B's guest from Britain for 10 minutes, waiting for him to get back from his previous meeting.
* Finally finding the elusive 2004-2005 recruiting season files.  I bounced, no lie. (We seriously need to label these drawers -- the locked and the unlocked.  Though once I have a chance, these materials at least are going to the archives where they belong.)

gym talk

As I suggested yesterday, I did some weight room this morning (though not a whole lot, 'cause this is me) and then five minutes on the rowing machine (because I am lazy and easily bored).

I really need to start going to bed earlier.  It was occurring to me that not only am I getting up an hour earlier, but I'm also expending more energy during the day so I shouldn't be surprised that I need more sleep.


Fall Specialty Program schedule came out today.  I'd be interested in doing Pilates on the Ball again, but it's Tuesdays which is when ASL 2 is, so that's a no-go.

There are dance classes Wednesday evenings, though they (understandably) require signing up with a partner.  However, Katie has expressed interest in the Salsa/Tango one (which starts at 6:30, which is mildly annoying), so I told her that if she was serious to let me know because I would sign up with her.

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[At church yesterday, Sean and Marla had Diet Cokes, and I was like, "But isn't Coke evil?"  I have no investment in this, but Coke always makes me think of Smith's Get Coke Off Campus.]

Greg told me about single-bean chocolate. He also (unrelatedly) has chewable Vitamin C tablets, which taste kind of like Sweet Tarts.

LJ, privacy

People are distressed over the latest lj_biz post (including the fact that it was posted in lj_biz rather than news).  I'm willing to be sold on the argument that making it opt-in would skew their analytics results, but I would feel better about this argument if they hadn't made so many fugly design changes opt-out as well.

The post says in part (emphasis added):
Omniture is a website analytics service. The system will collect information that's pretty straightforward, including what browser you're using, what site scheme you use, your window size, how people travel through the site (what are the common links, where are people going after viewing their friends page, what people are or aren't clicking on), and things like how many page views different parts of the site get.
Given that LJ has said you're not allowed to link to stuff that violates their TOS (#8 here) and we've had multiple instances of schizophrenic overreaction, I validate people's concern about that portion of it.

jadelennox points out [edit: now with correct link /edit] that if you're going to worry about your online privacy, there are a lot of other services to worry about, including Google.