September 22nd, 2007

hipster me

I love that 8:30am felt like "sleeping in."

I basically had a day to myself, and I really did not make the most of it.  (Reading fanfic for the win?  Hi, I read the one where a figure skater is a Slayer.  There is no bad here, right?)  Also, I did not leave the house all day, so I worry I will have a hard time falling asleep since I did not exert my body at all.  Also, it is now like 11pm, which is not a bedtime I should get in the habit of.

* I forgot to go to the bank this morning.  Oops.

* I can't find the cord to connect my CD-burner to my computer (I can find the power cord, but not the USB).

* I also need a new tea kettle (OriginalRoomie accidentally gave mine to RoomieM, thinking it was hers).  I mean, I can microwave water in a mug, but I dislike that.

* I am so behind on writeups -- and new tv starts on Monday.

* I caught up on the Heroes graphic novels -- though that should have waited until I'd finished my Plato's Republic reading.

* I did force myself to finish Book 1 of The Republic (three more to go before Monday).  I think I will bring it to the laundromat with me tomorrow to force myself to finish.

* I made some (albeit minimal) inroads on the disaster area that is my room.

* I paid some bills.

* I made myself real food for dinner again (okay, mashed potatoes from a box and frozen green beans, but who's counting?).