September 27th, 2007

i do it for the joy it brings

Now all I need is those thunderstorms we're supposed to be getting.

REMINDER: I won't see the CSI or Without a Trace season premieres until at least tomorrow, so please do not post spoilers outside of a cut-tag.

Thank you :)

Why is technology not my friend recently?  I can't find the USB cord for my external CD-burner.  The timer on my tv was being all wonky, and tonight after I unplugged it and plugged it back in it seems to be dead.  I would really like to not become the possessor of expensive doorstops, thanks.


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My desk phone rang at 8:42am.  I was so not on the clock yet, but I recognized the number as Prof.B's, and I knew he had a block of meetings downtown starting at 9am.  Sure enough, he had left the folder for said meetings for desk and wanted me to bring it down to him at the parking lot.  This did mean I could take down his license plate -- a necessary piece of information for his overdue parking renewal, and apparently something he doesn't have memorized.


Over coffee, Greg asked how I was, and I said good, said I had called my friend Terry last night.  [Since this had happened based on his input, I'd been excited to tell him I called ever since I actually did so last night.]  He said he'd been thinking of that, but hadn't wanted to ask "Have you called Terry?" 'cause what if I didn't want to call Terry.  I said, "I appreciate that, that you were thinking of me, or him, whatever."  He said, "You.  Random human being, don't want him to be sad, but...."  I told him how Terry said he had just turned his phone back on a couple of days ago and was going to call me in the next few days, and I told Greg that I was glad I had called, and that I really appreciated him for that because otherwise I would have just waited for Terry to call me.

Have I mentioned how much I love Greg?


This afternoon, Kathleen asked me, "Do you know the name of the advertising agency in New York City" and I was thinking, "This is so not the kind of thing I know," and then she said "Shelley Lazarus" and I gushed about the Commencement address she gave at my graduation (and Googled her name to get the company name).

And THEN I returned the voicemail from Kate in the development office, and after I answered her question she said, "I looked you up on the directory to get your number, and I think I've seen you at the gym wearing a Smith t-shirt.  Did you go to Smith?"  I said yes, I did, and she asked what year.  I said '05, and she said she was an '01.  She said if I see someone "looking vaguely pissed off, in Smith crew gear, that's me.  Come over and say hi."  I've changed outfits since I started gymming in the morning, so this must have been when I was gymming after work, but I still wanna track her down at some point.  [Yes, I facebooked her after we hung up.]  I said I've had MBA students say hi sometimes based on the shirt and am realizing that soon there may be ones I actually went to school with, since I graduated two years ago.  She said there are a couple second years she went to high school with.


Hi, Amy, I was YouTubing for Iron and Wine's "Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song)" and found a Roswell (Tess/Max) vid.  I thought of you, 'cause Roswell.

(I've also been listening to Indigo Girls' "Galileo": PostSecret vid.)

an open letter to the universe

I am so grateful that I do not have, nor have I ever had, a toxic work environment.

I am so grateful that I do not have a history of people having caused me great hurt from which I need to recover.

P.S. Thanks for the rain during my walk home from group tonight :)