October 8th, 2007

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HIMYM S2: special features

I have yet to watch any of the commentaries for any of the DVDs I own (BtVS 1-7, Firefly, HIMYM 1, etc.) -- though I did see (probably at trijinx's urging -- the other special features (gag reel, etc.) on the Firefly DVDs.

However, Amy (fox1013) has, since the day the HIMYM S2 DVDs came out, been insisting (to her flist at large, not just me): "Have you seen the HIMYM S2 special features yet?"

My tv died before S2 came out, but I started watching them last night and finished today. Peer pressure, what?

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face up (and sing)

Heroes 2.03 "Kindred" [2007-10-08]

Hi, GoogleAlerts ForTheWin. Someone asks in a Heroes discussion thread what the words are to the song Alejandro sings to Maya in the previous episode, and a respondent cited my post (which they found from a Google search).

Oh, ann1962 posted: "A small collection of links about Mayan culture, twins, South American deities and how I go in circles."

And last week I debated whether Caitlin's a Mary Sue.

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