October 15th, 2007

professional me, self

It didn't feel like a Monday, but I'm not sure what day it did feel like.

I slipped and fell yesterday, so my right side is bruised, so I just did a flat course on the elliptical, figuring movement was good but definitely not pushing myself.  Collapse )


I had a decent day at work.  I'm still not being as productive and proactive as I should be, but it was definitely a decent day.  My mother would be pleased to know I cleaned off some of the accumulated junk papers on my work-desk :)

FUH?  Still still my favorite.

HBS-Mike asked me how to turn a Word doc into a PDF.  He said, "Another reason Smith is better than Amherst: They never taught us this at Amherst."

It is unfair that some days there's like nothing I wanna eat at Spangler and some days there are too many options.  I opted for butternut squash ravioli over samosas + rice + potato leek soup.

I love my gold sparkly sweater a lot.


I wasn't that taken with Plato's Republic, but then I read some of Aristotle's Politics.  I was reminded of the beginning of Skarda's Romantics class, wherein we started with Blake and I was unimpressed and then we read Wordsworth and I was like, "Blake!  My man!"  Okay, I don't loathe Aristotle like I do Wordsworth, but . . . .

Aristotle, so much more than Plato, does the "A follows from B: because I said so."  And I have far less of a clue as to why he is even discussing/defining/refining/whatever the things he is than I did with Plato.

And then I slept through most of class today.  Which didn't help.  Sigh.


I was pleasantly surprised by good tv tonight.