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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

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[Dollhouse] Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, Eliza Dushku . . . returning to your television screen?
As minim_calibre put it: "The concept sounds both insanely problematic, and like it would be insanely fertile ground for fanfic."

E! Online says Fox has given them a seven episode commitment. TV Guide says "could premiere as early as spring."
Subject lines are HARD.
gymCollapse )

It was like 65F when we went to get lunch today.  Just about nice enough to eat outside (though we didn't).
MaryAlice: "We'll remember this on January 17th when we get 24 inches of snow."
me: "If only.  I would be deliriously happy."
MaryAlice: "Come on.  A little snow is fine, but that much?  You don't even ski."

I didn't even think of skiing.  I think of ski places as existing in their own little pocket of the universe that always has enough snow (especially since they can make their own, after all), even though I should know that's not true 'cause my brother's roommate his first year at college worked at a ski place and was seriously bumming at the really warm winter we had.

I chatted with Nicole briefly today (we clearly do not talk enough; it was news to her that I am/have been taking ASL class), and she said she is cultivating groups of people around each of the schools she's applied to who can stage an intervention in case she starts turning into one of the students.  I approve of this plan.

Walking from work to the T station this evening, Katie said (paraphrased from memory) "I feel like we're going to die together one of these days" (after I had stepped off the curb and the car at the head of the line of stopped cars blew through the intersection).

In small group tonight, Gary mentioned that only 3 of the Ten Commandments are actually U.S. law.  I said that adultery is illegal in some places, like Massachusetts.  He said it used to be illegal everywhere in the country but all those laws got taken off the books about twenty years ago (federal sweep or state-by-state he wasn't sure).  I am unconvinced.  Can anyone tell me definitively?

My Affirmation tonight was that despite my hesitancy to believe that people's enthusiasm will actually translate to anything concrete, I went ahead and ordered new massage sheets and oils.  Jenny and Michelle totally volunteered as practice subjects.  (Michelle said she would feel most comfortable being worked on by someone she already knew than a stranger.)  P.S. The sheets I ordered arrived today, and they're a brighter (and greener) blue than I was expecting, but I think I'll be okay.  I am of course now feeling doubtful about my ability to fit this into my schedule, but we shall see.

[thanks to Ari for the heads up] secret_slasha now (through Nov. 20) open for sign-ups!  I decided on my requests *checks* Sept. 16 of this year.

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