November 7th, 2007

hermione by oatmilk

Tomorrow's Thursday already?

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E-mail from my brudder (background: he's been applying for co-op internships for next semester):
I recieved my first of hopefully many offer letters today which means that with one company or another, I will not in class for S08!!  The offer was with GE and means that I could stay in my current apt and commute 30mins daily.
I love GoodReads a lot.  I don't always enjoy the interface, but I really enjoy getting to dump To Read lists in there (complete with tagging).

E-mail from FUH today included the line "To whom should I speak?" ♥

I keep remembering at inopportune times that gee I really should call Ava sometime, and this afternoon she texted me -- indicating that she's been really bad at keeping in touch with people herself, which makes me feel less bad.


I saw Nut/Cracked tonight.  I had fairly minimal expectations, but from early on I was enjoying the dance far more than I recalled enjoying The Urban Nutcracker last year.  Nut/Cracked has almost no connection to The Nutcracker other than use of the music*, but the dancing is FANTASTIC.  (65 minutes was not enough.)  I highly recommend it.  Playing through this Saturday.

*Which is not actually a bad thing in my mind, as I'm not particularly into the Nutcracker story though I really enjoy a lot of the music.