November 24th, 2007

light in the darkness

continuing my Thanksgiving holiday

Wednesday evening I was feeling so grateful for our junior faculty.  They are fun and considerate and just generally make work a more enjoyable place.  And I'm grateful for my job generally, on so many levels.  I'm grateful that I don't mind a desk job and that I'm fairly good at it.  I'm grateful that my primary boss is generally appreciative and often very kind and usually doesn't make unreasonable requests.  I'm grateful for cheap continuing ed classes and gym membership (with bonus nearby-ness of gym) and a slew of at-work dining options and its proximity to the T and lots of vacation days (and getting the whole week between Christmas and New Year's off).  I'm grateful that we get to use a conference room on our floor and watch tv/DVDs during our lunch hour.  I'm grateful that with my coworkers (at least the ones I lunch with regularly) it's expected that I'll pick up on sexual innuendo, and they'll often do it as well.  I'm really grateful that with same aforementioned coworkers I can be all of who I am and it's not a big deal.

I'm grateful that I have a nice, conveniently located, apartment with housemates who don't drive me too crazy.

I'm grateful that I've found a variety of church communities that work for me in a number of ways.

I am so grateful for my amazing parents.

I'm grateful for my health (physical and mental/emotional).

... Yeah, I am clearly running out of steam in writing this up as it is past my bedtime.

BONUS: Waiting for the train home today (I had lunch at Perks with Jonah) I got chatting with this guy who was also waiting for the train, and we ended up talking off and on for ten minutes waiting for the train and then for the ~40-minute ride into South Station (we shared a 3-seater) and it was in no way sketch.  He mentioned an ex-girlfriend and another time mentioned that he's not looking to date anyone, and I didn't feel like we particularly had anything in common so I didn't offer him my number for the next time he's in town, but dude, I don't have random male person encounters that aren't sketchtastic; this is exciting.


Wow, I feel like I should be heading back to work tomorrow since I've had two days off (I even did laundry tonight -- usually a Sunday activity).  I also made pasta with mushrooms and pesto for dinner tonight.  Go me and my occasionally eating something at home other than raisin bran and cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter.  (I also made mashed potatoes and vegetables the other night.)


"just the first three panels of this comic = your christmas card this year??"
I would buy those.  Seriously.

(In reading some of the other recent installments, I also enjoy the line "maybe i should get some curtains installed in this temple of shame" and this comic -- "also involved: issues of privilege, fairness, respect, and whether or not its appropriate to apologize when deciding not to give money to a stranger")

CSI 8.06 "Who and What" [watched on 2007-11-16]

I started watching this on innertube the weekend after it aired, but my Internet kept cutting out, and innertube wouldn't let me skip ahead (over the parts I'd already seen), and then work kept being busy -- turned out I'd only missed the last five minutes. (Possibly I should take this as a sign that I shouldn't be watching on innertube -- strike and all that... since the writers don't get a cut from Internet broadcasts.)

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just call me shameless

How Much Do You Love Me? (2005) MFA, French (24 November 2007)

How Much Do You Love Me? (Combien tu m'aimes?, France, 2005, 95 min.)

I had low expectations for this -- though obviously I also had hope and interest or I wouldn't have gone.

I'm not sure how I feel about this movie.  It was actually often funny, but there was so much caricature that I was sometimes uncomfortable.  Collapse )