November 30th, 2007

evil hand

LJ for the fail.

I'm a couple days behind in updates, but I've gotta rage.

1. Yes I still hate S2.

I was trying to explain to someone about forcing your style on the comments page, so I screencapped what I want entries to look like when I view them.

LJ has an option so I can make all entries I read off my friendspage display that way.
Comment pages: View comment pages in your own journal style
When you follow a comment link from your Friends page, you can view that comment page in your own journal style.
But if I'm direct-linked to an entry I have to manually add ?style=mine to the end of the URL unless they've done the following:
Disable customized comment pages for your journal
In browsing around to find this, I saw that Dystopia (and XColibur) were no longer chooseable options as viewing schemes -- and I know LJ has randomly switched me, and others, out of Dystopia in the past, so this is a legitimate problem.

wisdomeagle noticed this same thing, and settiai commented that you can still change it here. Bless you.

2. "Adult Content"

In skimming the flist last night, I saw that LJ had implemented its previously-talked-about flagging-for-adult-content function.

From the LJ FAQ:
Automatic Cuts & Intermediary Pages

Flagged entries or entries in flagged journals/communities will be completely hidden behind lj-cut tags for logged out users or logged-in users under the age of 18.

For accounts registered to those under the age of 18 or those viewing while not logged in the entries will have additional intermediate pages with content warnings :

    * Adult Concepts: [You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors]

    * Explicit Adult Content: [You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults.]

Viewing Entries with Intermediate pages

Those viewing while not logged in will see an intermediate page with a content level warning before viewing an entry, journal, or community set as Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult. Those under 13 will be automatically blocked, while others must confirm their age (at least 14 or 18 years old respectively) before viewing.
penknife points out that:
I tested this, setting my own journal to "Adult Concepts" and then to "Explicit Adult Content." If you're logged out, you get a click-through warning asking you to verify that you're 14 or older (or 18 or older).

Then you can see the journal, but all entries appear as lj-cut. The lj-cuts read "You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors." (for "Adult Concepts") or "You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults." (for "Explicit Adult Content.")

Any actual lj-cuts are not visible to logged-out users in a journal set as "Adult Concepts" or "Explicit Adult Content" -- when you click the adult content warning lj-cut, you see the entire entry -- which may make browsing while not logged in more problematic in terms of seeing spoilers, large images, or personal squicks. However, tags remain visible outside the lj-cut, as do entry titles.
I would have no problem setting my journal (especially my ficjournal) as Containing (Explicit) Adult Concepts, but this makes me seethe. Yes fic/art will still have headers at the top, but if you're blogging about a book/movie/tv show you'd have to warn for spoilers in the title of the entry (including informative tags is also an option, but only if you have S2, since tags don't display in main/flist view in S1; I wish someone would hack a workaround for that, btw, because that's the only thing that tempts me about S2) and/or go back to the listserv convention of "spoiler space" at the top of entries.

Edit: You'll also see those override cut-tags if viewing a journal marked as Adult/Explicit [even if you're a logged-in user with an of-age birthday listed You can tell LJ your birthdate and have it display only to Friends or None.] if you have your Settings on "collapse adult content." (I can't remember if LJ made that opt-in or opt-out.)

killabeez explains: "here are some quickie links to fix things if you are getting the annoying "adult content" links everywhere on your friends page and want them to go away" /edit

3. Finite Tagging

This morning, penknife writes:
Another LJ change, not announced in news (why do we have news again?): tags are now limited to 1000 tags per journal or community (not 1000 tagged entries, but 1000 distinct tags). Not an issue for my journal, unless I start writing in exponentially more pairings, but for mods of big communities, this may be a pain.
*cries* I have . . . 977 tags right now. Once they made tagging functional for S1 (at least minimally -- see display complaint above) I got sucked in, and now they're telling me THIS? It's bad that after all of StrikeThrough and BahleteGate and everything, this is what makes me want to run away, isn't it?

I was actually just starting a round of backtagging yesterday, and now I'm all anxious, 'cause I know I can't add very many new tags. Dammit, and one of my strategies for trying to just Get Stuff Tagged was to try not to think too hard about the tags, knowing I could go back and re-tag for streamlining; now I feel much less easy about creating unique tags that I can just go back and deal with "later."
hermione by oatmilk


So, remember two months ago when my website was being a bitca? I finally got around to submitting a HelpDesk ticket. Turns out the issue is that I'm at my 100MB capacity -- because of a mail account I didn't even know I had. Oh, spam.

     [Disk Usage Viewer] mail/cur 81.97 Meg

     Mail (7848 messages)

So this means:
1) I can actually update my website on the first of the month tomorrow.
2) Lorraine, I can offer you a subdomain if you would like.