December 31st, 2007

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(my) Secret Slasha 2007

Secret Slasha 2007 authors are revealed. I feel like the fics this year were particularly mediocre (YMMV, of course), which is kind of sad. I really hope one of callmesandy's friends wrote her something nice to make up for the Not Good fic she got written for her (not as bad as the one written for Gloss in 2004, but still).

This is the 4th time I've done Secret Slasha since 2003 (I didn't do it 2005) [] and the first time I recall being really excited about my assignment from the get-go, so I feel extra-bad about the fact that I wrote such a shoddy fic. However, since basically no one was gonna read it (and my recipient was a Dropout) I don't feel that guilty.

I wrote "After All," which was Buffy/Dawn, and Ari (the one person besides the recipient I knew would read it) said nice things about it -- and not just because she knew I was the one who wrote it.

I find myself wanting to talk about this fic a lot (even though I still don't think it's all that good), so Collapse )
you think you know...


It doesn't feel like it's been much of a year, but actually I:

* started going to church regularly again [CWM since Jan. 28 and CHPC since Feb. 4]
* started going to the gym [beginning March 26 -- and every workday morning since Sept. 4]
* went to my two-year college reunion [May 17-20]
* went back to NYC (for 2 birthday parties in one night) [July 7]
* went to RMN Convo [August 2-5]
* went to Europe for 17 days (5 countries) [August 9-25]

I've also had to re-evaluate my self-perception. (And I've been reminded that, when tested, I mostly fail at living in to my sexual ethics.) People at CAUMC young adult group keep Affirming me for having positive energy and stuff, and Katie keeps thinking I'm hilarious. I'm used to being one of the Good Quiet Well-Behaved ones, with a more recent claim of being one of the Bitchy ones.

It occurs to me that all the church people I know now I mostly didn't know last year -- I went to CHPC once during Advent and had been going to CAUMC small group since August, but definitely hadn't been to CWM.

And Katie at work only started last November, so I mostly only know her from this year. Plus, of course, I didn't know Ian until this year. (Being one of the <200 applications I processed didn't count as "knowing.")

I got a Family Christmas letter from my mom this year. I'm officially an independent grownup. I feel like maybe I should do my own letter next year.

Edit: Reading LJ on New Year's Day, I saw a lot of people commenting that they'll be glad to see 2007 go, which makes me sad in part because I saw a lot of that at the end of 2006 as well. I may feel less like "This was an awesome year" than I did at the end of 2006, but I still had a really good year. (My mom said she thought of 2006 as the year I was launched, and arguably 2007 was the year I got settled.) /edit


from "Sistersong" by Rachael Sage:
So they said it was the year of the woman
I believe it was the year of sex
Maybe this'll be the year of the human
Maybe that would be a bit complex for

All these endless aberrations
From meaningful expectations and

I will stay with you tonight in
Case this corset gets too tight and
I will keep you company 'cause
That's what a sister should be
At CHPC Coffee Hour, someone was asking someone else about New Year's Resolutions, and I was sorta thrown 'cause it's not really something I do. However, I really would like to be more engaged this coming year, on a number of levels. Yes, throughout this year I felt like I didn't have enough time to get everything done that I wanted, but I'm also very conscious of the fact that I often frittered away my time.

I would like to actually have dinner parties, or at least see my friends in meatspace more often. I would like to stay on top of theatre/film/arts happenings. I would like to stay in touch with people better more generally (commenting on LJ more, phoning/e-mailing/IM-ing people who don't LJ). Writing more fic isn't high on my Resolutions list, but actually getting writeups finished (church, books, whatever) is. With it being a presidential election year, I probably really should start keeping up with news stuff regularly. I'd like to be more proactive at work.

Total Fic Posted in 2007

[Secret Slasha 2006, which I couldn't claim until after the reveal] [BtVS] "Of all the cafes, in all the towns...." (Giles/Oz) 982 words

[Heroes] "Well, I'm a motherless child." (Eden/Claire, 362 words)
[House] "desperate" (Cuddy/Cameron, 310 words)
[BtVS/Angel] "021 Relationships of libraries, archives, information centers" (Dawn/Fred, 1981 words)
[BSC] "All Colors Are Just Shades of My Love" (Claudia/Janine, 538 words)
[BSC] "More for Me" (Charlotte/Stacey, 617 words)
[RPF] "Cheaters Never Prosper (But They Do Get Laid)" (Allison Janney/Ellen DeGeneres, 979 words)
[BtVS] "After All" (Buffy/Dawn, 886 words) SeSa reveals went up already, hence my claiming this.

Huh, I wrote all f/f this year.