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“updates on my life when i return to it.”

Date updated: 2003-04-19 18:45:36, 1 week ago

WEEK OF DOOM is over.

“Cousin, we so happy, we do the dance of joy.”

I have been minimally present in my life this entire “week” of doom, so though i have been decent about keeping up with reading&commenting on everyone’s posts (thank you so much to lilbabynobody for telling tranceballerina what i wish i had said, in at least 3 posts no less) a general apology for my general not-here-ness.

I went to First Churches on Easter Sunday -- the first time i’d been at a service there in so many weeks since i’ve been home so frequently.

They had this cross at the front and people put flowers in it. Honestly, that weirded me out, but i like the idea of rebirth and all that.

There were lots of lilies and tulips. Beautiful.

The idea of Easter is so inspiring. Jesus triumphing over death, Christmas is nice and all, but without Easter, Jesus would just be another dead heretic. During the service, though, i thought of Marissa’s complaint that so many of the hymns sound like dirges. “Alleluia, He is risen...” You can sing with enthusiasm, but the melody is not exactly upbeat.

Okay, so in the sermon Peter mentioned Christ’s death as a result of unilateral Roman power. Do not liken the crucifixion of Jesus to Bush’s attack. No, Peter didn’t make a direct correlation, but no one uses “unilateral” nowadays without that in mind. But the serious badness was that that is bad theology. I wasn’t gonna challenge the minister after church on Easter Sunday, especially not without being sure, but i looked it up later.

At daybreak the council of elders of the people, both the chief priests and teachers of the law, met together, and Jesus was led before them. “If you are the Christ,” they said, “tell us.”
Jesus answered, “If I tell you, you will not believe me, and if I asked you, you would not answer. But from now on, the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the might God.”
They all asked, “Are you then the Son of God?”
He replied, “You are right in saying I am.”
Then they said, “Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips.”
Then the whole assembly rose and led him off to Pilate. And they began to accuse him, saying, “We have found this man subverting our nation. He opposes payment of taxes to Caesar and claims to be Christ, a king.”
So Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?”
“Yes, it is as you say,” Jesus replied.
Then Pilate announced to the chief priests and the crowd, “I find no basis for a charge against this man.”
-Luke 22:66-23:4 (NIV)

Jesus then gets sent to Herod, who sends him back to Pilate. The crowd asks for Barrabas to be released instead of Jesus, though Pilate still wants to release Jesus.

For the third time he spoke to them: “Why? What crime has this man committed? I have found in him no grounds for the death penalty. Therefore I shall have hm punished and then release him.”
But with loud shouts they insistently demanded that he be crucified, and their shouts prevailed. So Pilate decided to grant their demand. He released the man who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, the one they asked for, and surrendered Jesus to their will.
-Luke 23: 22-25 (NIV)

“Tonight the part of Judas Iscariot will be played by Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan.”

Okay, i’m depressed now. Eventually there will be a long entry on Proverbs of Ashes and the crucifixion and suffering. There are a lot of entries coming after this one, actually. (We are so not surprised.)

Processing out into the sunshine singing “and crown Christ savior of all...” was a really good way to end an Easter service.

Immaturity abounded last weekend, but it was all removed enough from me personally that i was okay. I have so many people whom i adore and whom i am so glad are in my life. (Unfortunately, some of them are immature, but it’s never in a really bad way.)

If you ask me how i am, i will actually tell you. Sometimes i’m with the vague, but if i have anything going on in my life i will probably tell you, at least briefly. tranceballerina thinks this is a good thing, which i appreciate, but recently i have wondered if i am imposing on people when i give them the 2-minute version of “how are you.” But dude, if you ask, don’t you want an answer?

I have taken to wearing the beautiful bracelet my lovely employers purchased for me. Monday i also wore Native American princess earrings. Metal hanging off my body feels strange. But at 4am, walking across campus in the faint moistness, it felt almost like power, like the bracelet was one of those power bracelets that cartoon superheroes have.

"At least if I ever feel stupid and incompetent, I can remember that people thought my diary entry was an political article." -evil_laugher

So, i was panicking Saturday afternoon because i couldn’t get the search results to display -- the search results which are the entire basis for my Language Acquisition research paper which was due on Tuesday. So i called a couple friends in my class, remembering as i got their PhoneMail that it was Easter Weekend. I saw Gillian at dinner, though, and Sunday afternoon she was my savior.

12:30 at night, Tuesday morning, Megan gets my message and because she is sweetness she calls me. She was all worried that she had woken me up. And she hadn’t started writing her paper either -- rawk!

you have to acquire language? =-O is that like getting a requisition form and submitting it to the appropriate office, or do you have to stalk the language in question through the jungle and stun it with a tranquilizer dart? O:-)
-quasisonic, upon hearing about my Language Acquistion research paper

Helping my friends is what i do. I helped Jelena with her essay and chatted with sexonastick for a long time that night. Both of these activities were much preferable to writing the Language Acquisition research paper which ate me starting with my top.

Buffy wrap party pictures remind us why photo shoots involve lots of makeup and good lighting.

[from “swan dive” by Ani DiFranco]

i think that i'm happy
i think that i'm blessed
but i've had a lack of inhabition
i've had a loss of perspective
i've had a little bit to drink
and it's making me think
that i can jump ship and swim
that the ocean will hold me
that there's got to be more
than this boat i'm in

they can call me crazy if i fall
all the chance i need
is one-in-a-million
and they can call me brilliant
if i succeed
gravity is nothing to me
i'm moving at the speed of sound
i'm just gonna get my feet wet
until i drown

i teeter between tired
and really, really tired
i'm wiped out and i'm wired
but i guess that's just as well

cuz i've built my own empire
out of car tires and chicken wire
and now i'm queen of my own compost heap
and i'm getting used to the smell

i've had a lack of information
i've had a little revelation
i'm climbing up on the railing
trying not to look down
i'm going to do my best swan dive
into shark infested waters
i'm going to pull out my tampon
and start splashing around

cuz i don't care if they eat me alive
i've got better things to do than survive

i've got the memory of your warm skin in my hands
and i've got a vision of blue sky and warm land
i'm cradling the hardest, heaviest part of me in my hands
the ship is pitching and heaving
our limbs are bobbing and weaving
i think this is something i understand
i think i need a couple vaccinations
for my far-away vacation
i'm gonna go ahead and go boldly

cuz a little bird told me
that jumping is easy
and falling is fun
right up until you hit the sidewalk
shivering and stunned
I was looking through old LJ entries recently and was remembering the end of last Spring semester with the Milton class in which i was so out of my depth and the Indigo Girls “Galileo” as my mantra. Is really nice to know that come that end week this time i will be so much less swamped. I still have yet to pull any actual all-nighters. (In high school i vowed to make it through college without ever pulling an all-night. This week i thought i would break that vow, but i didn’t.)
[from “More for Me” Tegan and Sara]

had a bad day
as bad as they come
time to get a real job
you gotta stop having fun
so i so i gotta real job
i'm workin' nine to nine
i'm makin' five bucks an hour
'til the day i die

got a strong side of me
and it's feeling just fine
got a strong side of me
with the strongest line

and i'm one third passion
and i'm two thirds pride
i said i used to have a life once
i said i used to like your smile once
but you silenced to the world
but the stars kept marching
you said "silence to everyone"
and you got some more deep inside of you
deep inside of you, deep inside of you


i used to be free spirited
now i'm just free of sleep

[from “Cloud Blood” by Ani DiFranco]

stop on the top of the ridge
just to feel the wind on my rand mcnally
then i feel the air grow cold
as i drift to the first blue of the valley
everytime i find i'm by a phone the landscape shifts
you can call it magic
when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat
but the reason i don't call you
is cuz i wonder if there isn't a better word than that
...it's been way too long
since i've been behind the wheel
headlights guiding me right through the dark
i feel
driving, trying hard to resist
sleep’s first kiss
every time i have time to think
i think of this

Discussing Lily’s “attributes” (House of Mirth) but before we came up with that word... “Huge tracts of land.” Burst out in loud Scottish brogue like Sean Connery. I adore Michael so much. (And we all get the Monty Python reference, no?)

“I was writing Buffy porn in my morning class.” I forget that i traumatize people sometimes. Buffy and porn and me are all things she has no problem with, but the combination.... I am amused that my first thought was that i had violated something sacred, porn-ficcing Buffy. I forget that it’s not common knowledge that i’m going to a number of Special Hells.

Yo. My surname: 1 in 10,000 (a degree or two more frequent in just a few states). My surname spelled the way everyone wants to spell it: 1 in 1,000 or so. No wonder everyone thinks i spell it that way.

Bodywise final meeting at Café Casablanca (aka, the crepe place) and Connie gave us each a sunflower. Aw.

My friend Jonah visited on Wednesday because he was thinking of applying to Hampshire. I felt bad that it seemed like i disagreed with everything he said, but i do that a lot, so it's not like it's just him. And he's gonna read The Hours again because of the good stuff i said about it. Whee! :)

We were busy and didn't get down to meals until tables were all full up, so i didn't get a chance to introduce him to anyone. So the next day Sophie asked if that was my bro and i said he was just a friend of mine. "Just friends, huh?" I gave her and Ria the finger so many times. :) It made me laugh because when we made our own table at dinner i was so wondering how many people were gonna think he was my boyfriend or something.

I love James Lileks’s blog. From Wedensday, April 23, after he states his disagreement with Santorum:
That said: if anyone insists Santorum should suffer consequences for his speech, they are denying his First Amendment right to dissent! A chilling wind is blowing across America! If anyone disinvites him to an event, the black cloak of Ashcroftian Throat-Chokery has been draped across another dissenter! If you don’t buy his book, Joe McCarthy cackles from his personal pit in hell!

Don’t worry, Rick; Tim Robbins will be the first in line to support your right to speak your mind.
Also, read him re: Madonna and children’s books -- no, really.

Can we even talk about how much i adore Michael Thurston?

In class on Thursday he was talking about how Smithies are so much in that "I have more work than you" kind of mindset and act like one bad grade will ruin out lives for ever. He was big with taking time off during both undergrad and graduate school and mentions flunking out sophomore year and now has his dream job -- read books you like, talk about them, with people who (have to at least pretend to) care about them, and if you have an idea about something you're reading you get to flesh it out and get it published. I hadn't though of college professorshipness in quite those exact terms. "There is no academic fuck-up from which you can't recover." So he was all about how we should relax and not worry about the grades so much. So of course we point out that paper that's due the next day and the possibility of an extension. "I would have no problem giving you all an extension until Monday, but I know Karen has her paper all ready to hand in after class." Karen: "Wrong." Michael: "Is there anyone who would be upset if I extended the due date to Monday?" Karen: "No. In fact we would bless you." Michael: "I could use some blessing. I've been building up a lot of bad karma on the highway." Jessica suggets an interpretive dance option. He then performs a dance, from which we can interpret the due date of the paper. Oh. My. Wow. We need to start bringing a video camera to class.

Oh, earlier in this conversation he talked about how he thinks after his class everyone should go home and have a beer and take a nap. I asked if we could have something other than beer because beer is the grossest thing ever. He did his hurt-puppy looks like he's gonna cry thing. I was cracking up laughing, saying "I'm so sorry." He said something about the oldest grain storage system so i had to shoot back with, "Yeah. It's before they got it right." I have no shame. But yes, anything alcoholic is fine. Jessica: "Just for my notes, is this after every class meeting, or just at the end of the semester?" Ideally after every class meeting, but it would make him happy if we even just did it once at the end of the semester. So since i think dinner at suspectplaces's house is of the good in general, i think lilithchilde should join me there for food and alcohol at some point after we've finished all the work for Michael's class, just so we can say we did.

“talking is just masturbating without the mess”
-Our Lady Peace, “Happiness and the Fish”

We love Neil Gaiman:
I also handed over the Nebula -- The Lynlake DreamHaven has a showcase containing all the awards American Gods has won, mostly because I had always wondered what a Hugo looked like, what a Nebula looked like, and suspected that if I'd wondered then other people had too, and they'd probably give more people more pleasure being seen than they would on my mantel.

This “Dirty Girls” collage thing is... Guh! And then her GIP. Oh, and TWOP brings me joy sometimes. Also, from the beginning of the TWOP “Dirty Girls” recap:
Previously on Buffy: most of Season Three, and most of Season Seven. More Giles than actually appears in the episode, I think. Whatever happened to "from beneath you it devours," anyway? One notable juxtaposition in the previouslies: we get Season Three Faith saying "I don't care" about having killed a man, and Season Seven Buffy telling Wood that Spike will "kill [him]. More importantly, I'll let him." I'm hoping that's important.

I love reading LJs/blogs by teachers/professors who are such fandom whores. See, this is why they never get our stuff returned on time. Writing lengthy reviews of [insert show of your choice]. :)

Brooke opened for Rose Polenzani at Jittery’s last Thursday.

She transferred to Connecticut College and said that, as one professor there said, political voice is “muted.” I was annoyed by that comment. I find it hard to believe that there exists a college campus in this country where there is not political discussion, where politics does not come up. I suspect that what she meant was that the liberal voice was “muted.” Funny how i bet she wasn't complaining about the conservative voice here. She did mention, however, that for some reason she still gets her Smith e-mail, so she got that all-college e-mail about the walkout. She said then there was a response from a woman questioning whether a walkout was the most effective method of protesting, and it just made Brooke so happy to see that kind of dialogue. That spin on it made me happy.

I don't want to be with a married man,
Plastic wheels on the baby pram.
Maybe that's just the way I am,
Eighteen wheels on an old tin can.

-Rose Polenzani, “married man (h-u-g-k-i-s-s)”

I’m not an easy girl
I never will be
I’m too messy

-Rose Polenzani, “The Book of Jode”

I met this girl on Monday
took her for a drink on Tuesday
we were making love by Wednesday
and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday

-Craig David, “7 Days”

I think i have forgotten about what the concept of a deadline is, because i have had so few papers this semester. I stare at the computer screen and procrastinate and have no attention span or focus.

oyceter says:
Insults I want to use on people someday:
- "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberry!"
- "You stupid git"
- "You have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone."

Dude, _flaming_june_ has a Whedonverse user picture that says “There are no saints here, and I like it that way.” This of course got i ain’t no saint i help myself to what i need but i help other people too, and i sleep soundly stuck in my head. But saints should take care of themselves. Love your neighbor as yourself. Without self-love it is difficult to love others. You have to be healthy physically to take care of someone's physical needs; the same goes for emotional, spiritual, mental.

Senior Banquet was fun.

Those potatoes were really yummy. And they made like a bajillion chocolate-covered strawberries.

“Sex is better than babies.”

One would think i would be all over Senior Prophecies ‘cause it’s making up stories, but no, i suck at it. And of course i agree to do 3. laynamarya and babelfish9, you know i love you even though my Prophecies sucked.

I combine overachiever and slacker. I’m special (like the Olympics).

Aw, Sara-whom-i-am-totally-over is leaving me her sparkly message board. And Tourez (i’m mangling the spelling of her name) left me two old rare books. I enjoy the random Senior Willing. Whee, my tag on Layna’s gifts says “Elizabeth-who-will-not-be-nicknamed.” She left me butterflies (including a monarch!) and her hott girl-girl black&white postcard. And a demotivators.com thing from Lisa ‘cause i work too hard. (Obviously we haven’t been talking much recently, ‘cause i have a complete lack of a work ethic.) Oh, and Rebecca asked me randomly earlier if i liked cats, so since i answered in the affirmative i got Willed a cat picture frame.

Phooey on half.com for not letting me use my VISA check card. (“I bite my thumb at you.”) Have added to my tab on dad’s credit card. Whee, secret giftage.

“How do the poems of Robinson and Crane illuminate or intersect with Crane’s treatment of poverty and determinism in “Maggie”?”
As i tried to write the paper i saw that discussing the biblical allusions/parallels and the place religion plays in the work would be much more interesting, but whatcanyado. It was tempting to just write the paper on that topic even though we’re supposed to clear new topics with him first, but i’m not that confident in my ability to pull off anything resembling a decent paper on that topic either, so there’s no point in handicapping myself. (Note to self: You like talking about religion and making things relate to religion. Recent Whedonverse arcs have proved you can obsess about this stuff easily. Remember that the next time you have the option to make your own topic.)

“your brain always comes up with something intelligent to say, to say if it's on topic is another matter.”
-oatmilk on my student-suckage

Who doesn’t love Sir Ian McKellan?

The film reunites the original X-Men cast for another go at saving the world but while it may be high fantasy, there’s far more to the X-Men universe than comic book action. “It’s basically about being gay,” Sir Ian McKellen told us. “Or at least being part of a minority that society disregards.” McKellen plays the villainous Magneto in the film, a master of magnetism and a man determined to stop mutants being persecuted by normal humans. “I’ve played Richard III and Iago and Macbeth but I think there’s something about Magneto that’s well-intending. He doesn’t think you should kowtow to society, he thinks you should stick up for yourself and, as an openly gay man, I Know what that’s all about.”
-from an Empire Online article on the new X-Men movie

I am not well acquainted with slash but find nothing harmful in sharing fantasies about favourite characters or their interpreters. Within the context of such sites even Real Person stories seem unobjectionable as they are clearly fictional.
-from http://www.mckellen.com/epost/lotr/l021223.htm

I spend too much time on LiveJournal -- quoting a poem in a paper i started to type the blockquote command.

So, in between staring blankly at the open document in which i was supposed to produce a paper, i skimmed some of my favorite blogs. I had read the Richard Santorum (R-PA) interview thanks to anniesj and was considering writing a post countering some of the his points, but mostly i just relegated him to crazy man who gives Republicans a bad name status and hoped he would get denounced like Trent Lott. But there’s been mad blogging about it, because people have been defending it. People have been defending his argument against not only sexual relationships between two people of the same sex but against the right to privacy. Not that anyone reading my LJ agrees with him, of course, but i’m argumentative so i probably will write an angry entry about this, quoting lots of people who have weighed in on this both to tear apart logics as well as to have eloquent defenses of my position. See, this is the kind of analysis=close-reading-combined-with-research that i’m all over. I’m not a public policy major, why? (Oh, and reading this some days later really means i must post about it.) And the fact that someone in one of Jonah's classes actually said, “If my son were gay I would throw him in a trash can.” makes me want to defenestrate things.

[Joan asked me if i had updated my journal and i said no, i was on hiatus, under the delusion that that would help me get more of my homework done.]
Gonzo523: (laughs) Write that Joan is marvelous.
Gonzo523: Yours will be a journal of LIES.

I refuse to lie, but she is in fact marvelous.

VelmasLizard: Okay, i am once again going to attempt to wor.
VelmasLizard: work even
Gonzo523: Wor like the wind, Elizabeth.
[i so spewed at that]

Gonzo523: I hate this paper.
VelmasLizard: You'll be fine.
Gonzo523: You too.
VelmasLizard: You're a liar, but thank you.
Gonzo523: Oh, I don't lie. That's your job.
Gonzo523: ;-)

Sitting in front of the computer attempting to write on Saturday, my brain (which had already shipped out) totally froze up. I have empathy for people who freeze up at tests now. I totally don’t care if i get crappy grades on this stuff, i just need to get stuff written and handed in, so i’m not sure why my brain froze up, but it was freaky.

From the Call to Worship at First Churches this morning:
One: Lord Jesus Christ, we greet you. The cross had not defeated you, the grave has not kept you silent. At the first dew of the morning you met our sister, Mary, and called her by her name.
Many: We are your family and friends, and though numbed by your death and aware of our complicity in it, we come hesitantly but gladly, to confirm the rumor that you are live.

I thought that was really interesting, the idea of complicity.

Our God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come.

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be pleasing in your sight O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer. Amen.

"If teenage girls put on elf ears," I said today, back in the VIP room, pondering the unfairness of it all, "no matter how gawky they think of themselves in real life, they become beautiful. Whereas if I put on elf ears, I would look like a dissipated Vulcan."
-Neil Gaiman

I need to not procrastinate. I don’t work well under pressure.

VelmasLizard: Motherfucking loud concert outside my wondow. GRRR.
Gonzo523: It's the freedom and promise of youth set to a kickin' backbeat, Elizabeth. Get it right. ;-)
VelmasLizard: :-P
VelmasLizard: I am cursing the track meet which moved the concert from the Athletic Fields to Davis Lawn.
Gonzo523: I'm sorry. Maybe you can block the noise out with a fan, or the radio, or...yodeling?
VelmasLizard: lol
VelmasLizard: I am considering blasting a CD of my own. My room faces Davis, so i'm not sure how much it'll help.
Gonzo523: Like a dueling banjos sort of thing?

Holy god i wish i had headphones -- or a laptop so i could move my paperwriting to somewhere else. I dislike music when i’m trying to do work because it distracts me. The music outside isn’t actually *bad* (well, at least, it wasn’t for a while) it’s just *there*.

So Eliot is quoting other poems in his poetry? Geez. It's like trying to make sense of Advanced Maths when you can barely do long division.
-green_luv on The Wasteland

There have been a lot of offensive postings on the Jolt, so they have temporarily disallowed off-campus posting. Yeah, because no one posting from on-campus is ever immature. Personally, i have never understood the anonymous posting option. You have to be a registered user to post, and you can always make a new username with a web-based e-mail address if you wanna post about crushes or sex or whatever. Okay, okay, so i can understand why people would wanna post anonymously. I am just so sick of people not owning what they say. Le sigh.

Joe: “I know you're away, but I was thinking about you yesterday in conversation with someone looking at Smith :-)”
illiterate and i have been going back and forth in a comment thread.
It may be Doomtime for us college kiddies, but i still love talking about my college with people.

VelmasLizard: I have been outraged on behalf of a friend (hence the away message) but mostly life is good. I wanna hear about your friend and Smith and stuff.
JoeyD341: heh - well, I met her at a trans conference
JoeyD341: and she's looking at smith
JoeyD341: she was like "I'm gay...but I'm not GAY....it might be too much for me"
JoeyD341: but she hadn't been to visit yet
JoeyD341: I assuaged her fears

I. Love. My. Boy.

After sending me an mp3 of Joni Mitchell’s Hejira...
JoeyD341: I want to name my daughter Hejira because of that song
JoeyD341: it means "a flight from danger"

I think that is a beautiful idea.

JoeyD341: Julie said it was tragic
JoeyD341: due to the song and all

And then later tonight i hear about the latest lame ex-boyfriend. I don’t understand what he sees in these people. My new plan is that i, or rather my other half Julie (his best friend at UNH, whom we joke is really me ‘cause we’re never in the same place at the same time), should have to approve his boyfriends before they actually start dating. Would save a lot of problems.

VelmasLizard received C:\My Documents\download\VelmasLizard\Joni Mitchell - Blue Motel Room.mp3.
JoeyD341: you and me, we're like america and russia
JoeyD341: we're always keepin score
JoeyD341: we're always balancing ther power
JoeyD341: and that can get to be a cold col war
JoeyD341: ha
VelmasLizard: We're going to have to hold ourselves a peace talk
In some neutral cafe
JoeyD341: yup yup
JoeyD341: although I'm a-ok sans peace talk
JoeyD341: how bout let'e forget the whole thing
JoeyD341: ;-)
VelmasLizard: :-D
JoeyD341: and chalk it up to my need for validation through romance
VelmasLizard: *sighs*
VelmasLizard: Adoration from friends as well as high praise from teachers and others is not validation enough?
JoeyD341: heh - different validation
VelmasLizard: point taken
JoeyD341: sorry ran to brush the teeth
JoeyD341: I don't know my darling, I just don't know
VelmasLizard: That's okay.
VelmasLizard: I do get what you mean about it being a different kind of validation, 'cause i have days where i feel like "Yeah, my friends like me, but no one wants to date me *pout* "
It just makes me sad because you're so wonderful and you date these losers and it's just... meh, something wrong with the world.
JoeyD341: I understand - I don't know why someone wouldn't date you
JoeyD341: you're simply amazing
VelmasLizard: *blushes* That makes me so happy. I need to hear that every once in a while.
JoeyD341: well it's true
JoeyD341: :-)
JoeyD341: and to go into all the reasons why would cheapen the statement
JoeyD341: and surely I'd leave something out
VelmasLizard: You are the best thing ever. You're gonna make me cry.
JoeyD341: aw

American Lit. paper finally started to come together around quarter past 4 Sunday afternoon. (And was finally finished about 12 hours later.) I do way too much plot summary, and i’m not sure how much i’m really fulfilling the assignment topic. And then ooh, look at me take up space relating the story to another work we read. Gee, that would have made an interesting topic as well. (Though i’m not nearly as qualified for that one as i am for the biblical allusion/parallel one.) And this paper is so half-quotes. (Joan says “My paper is barely mine. It is all quotes. Literally.” so i feel better.) Meh; nothing like extended close-reading to make me so sick of a piece (or pieces) of literature. Okay, so my paper has a broad thesis and i’m not even really staying within that thesis, but i do say intelligent things, so i’m not a disgrace to myself. Think i could get an A if i slept with him found him a nice boyfriend?

I hate not having a printer. I will figure out its damage and get that fixed for next semester. Having to copy into Satan’s excrement Microsoft Word and then finding an open computer is a hassle i don’t really need.

lilithchilde is my new late-night “We’re doing our homework, no really,” partner, ‘cause Joan actually, like, goes to bed and stuff.

Lorne singing “Lady Marmalade” brings me way too much joy, especially at a quarter to one in the morning. Thanks bunches, trijinx. (lilithchilde now wants to see “The House Always Wins.” If you have the tape with you, is there a possibility of arranging a viewing?)


(The above statement was inspired by my reaction to a line in an e-mail from my friend Sam at Hampshire talking about her housing situation next year -- “I get to cook on a nice gas stove. You'll have to come over for dinner (really, not just we say we will but don't) and stuff.”)

[Anyone who actually read this entire thing deserves a piece of my Easter care package.]

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