February 3rd, 2008

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[CWM] Fourth Sunday After Epiphany [2008-02-03]

"The greatest gift my friendship can give to you is the gift of your Belovedness.  I can give that gift only insofar as I have claimed it for myself.  Isn't that what friendship is all about: giving to each other the gift of our Belovedness?"
-Henri Nouwen

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Unsurprisingly, church ended around 6:30 (as per usual).  Various people had other plans, but Beth and Rob and Kirk and I went over to Tiffany's (though only Kirk and I stayed until the end).

Most of the game was a whole lot of nothing (Kirk had asked us to count the ass-pats during the game, because our culture's comfort level with same-gender intimacy really is connected to the "bigger" issues like same-sex marriage; we only saw ass-pats during the commercials, but in their defense there weren't a whole lot of big celebratory moments during that game), and the commercials were similarly unimpressive on the whole.

Most of the good commercials seemed to be early on.

The Bud Light commercial early on with Hank the Clydesdale was sweet.

I loved the cars.com commercial with the Plan B of a deathmatch in the stone fire circle against Glondor or whatever.  That was totally the best one of the night, and it aired during like the first quarter.  The one that aired much later, with the headshrinker, I was less into, in part because it was closer to being culturally offensive.  It was directly followed by an ad for an internet sales website, with the animated pandas and bamboo furniture, and both Tiffany and I said we didn't know what to think about it.

I did enjoy the Sobe Life Water lizards "Thriller" dancing.

The E-trade commercial with the baby?  I was like, "Is 'even I can do it' really the message you wanna be going for?  In this day of identity theft and all?"
But the later commercial when he buys a clown?  I loved the "I underestimated the creepiness" punchline, 'cause the clown was actually creeping me out and I don't have a clown phobia.

My reaction to an anti-drug commercial should not be to laugh at it, but that was my reaction to the one with the drug dealer who's losing business 'cause kids can get high out of the medicine cabinet.  Tiffany said it was controversial, that there was a thing on NPR, 'cause the drug dealer's sympathetic.  I said I think most if not all drugs currently illegal should be legalized (and hi, there are good capitalist reasons to want them legalized; get with it, Republicans), so I'm not exactly their target audience anyway.

They kept having the Terminator robot* and I was like, "Summer Glau and Lena Headey are hot; show them," so I was pleased when we finally got a real ad for tomorrow's episode.  (The second ad I was less into.)  Kirk hasn't seen the show (Tiffany had seen the pilot and said it was fairly good) but said something about Summer Glau beats up everyone and I was like, "Duh."  He said that was totally the best scene in Serenity and again I was like, "Duh."
*TLGN says it was a Terminator fighting the FOX NFL robot.  That makes more sense now.  I hadn't realized there was a FOX NFL robot.  Since I'd previously watched one game this season and before that probably none since sometime in college.

Man, I love Sia's "Breathe Me," but hasn't it been used in umpteen shows already?  (It was in the House ad.)

Oh, and near the end of the game there was a Victoria's Secret ad, which began, "Victoria's Secret would like to remind you" and I was like, "What?  That girls are hot?"

Edit: The Coke commercial with the politicians ("jinx rules")?  The execution wasn't anything to write home about, but the concept had me thisclose to making a heart with my hands as I watched. /edit

The first time we saw an ad for American Idol I said they should make a clips show just of Simon Cowell saying mean things in a British accent, because I would watch that.

I actually knew all the Tom Petty songs except the last one.  When after two songs it seemed like they were done, I was like, "That's all we get?"  Tiffany said the halftime show's only twenty minutes long.
Josh says they sell separate tickets for the people who rush the field during the halftime show, that they don't actually get to see the game.

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