February 5th, 2008

professional me, self

The internet's a tiny place.

Which has been brought to my attention in various ways recently (none terribly problematic -- yet).  Given how much I fail at being vague, I really should lock down the stuff about work.  I hate the politics of "friending" (be it on LiveJournal or on facebook or whatever), so I like having all my entries public (except for private-locked stuff, but that's different), but I'm already cryptic about some stuff for certain reasons (which will probably continue, rather than making special posting filters, but who knows) so it's not like I'm totally unconscious of audience (as if I ever was).  So yeah, I'll probably start back-locking stuff soon (and probably locking things going forward).  Just fyi.

Edit: Dad, this means I'll have to make you an LJ account after all.