March 16th, 2008

hipster me

Palm Sunday

I got up around 9 this morning, and we all headed out around 10.

SarahG announced that she hadn't done the reading for AdultEd today, and since she's the leader that's problematic, and Liz had really wanted to do yoga, so today there would be yoga but no AdultEd.  This of course worked out very well for me.  I'd walked in at the same time as a new parishioner, and I was actually moderately good at being social, and I went down for Coffee Hour, but after he headed out (he's a 2nd year KSG student, so he had to study/work) I peaced out to Nicole's brunch.  I picked up some fruit (and, at her request, coffee creamer).  I got there around 1, stayed until about 4:30 -- when I had to leave to get to queer church.  It felt more low-key than her dinner parties, but people were nice.  She said brunches are like a third the cost of dinner parties, so she could have one every month and not go broke like she did when she and Laura were having dinner parties every month.  Also: Myra mentioned that Nicole got into KSG.  Yay!  (She's still going to Yale in the fall -- this the dual degree program that she got accepted into.)

Bow and Arrow Street?  Only just occurred to me when Nicole was explaining to Myra where something was.  In my defense, I rarely actually say/hear the former street name (for all I know, it could have been pronounced with the other vowel, which I think is actually how I tended to think of it).

In her sermon [blogspot], Tiffany talked about how we get Palm/Passion Sunday smooshed because people don't go to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services so much these days, but she expanded on that and talked about how the events between Sunday and Thursday are never in the lectionary, and so she talked about Matthew 21-26 and challenged us to read those chapters as we begin Holy Week.

Palm Sunday feels weird to me because I'm aware that the same crowds that rejoiced at Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem soon turned against him -- and I feel like we're supposed to identify with the crowds (especially on Palm Sunday) -- so I really appreciated her sermon about the tensions and the both-ands.

I got home around 9 to an empty house.  I called Eileen, and they were at the bar at Johnny D's, so I headed down to join them.  I got a Midori Sour ($4.75) -- figured I should so something green this weekend (it was like neon).  Apparently every Sunday they have salsa lessons at 9 and then live music at 10.  I was too tired to be up for that, but I should keep that in mind for later.  (There is a cover charge, but if I were with friends who were really excited about that I expect it would be worth it.)  I apologized for having abandoned them to do my own stuff today, but they said it was fine and Eileen said they were just grateful I had let them crash at my place -- I'd forgotten that originally they were planning on staying in a hotel (they were also originally planning on there being more people coming with them).  We headed back around quarter of eleven.

I feel a little bit bad about not taking tomorrow off (or at least part of it) to spend with them -- especially since it would mean I could sleep in a bit -- but I mostly feel good about my decision.  There's stuff I need to take care of at work, and hostessing is wearying (especially when I'm not at my best to begin with).  I also look forward to actually having time to read my flist.

Tomorrow I plan to skip extension school class to do laundry.  And HIMYM is back.  And hopefully I can Go To Bed Early, so I can actually function this week.