May 1st, 2008


MFA GLBT film fest (2008)

The 24th Annual Boston Gay and Lesbian Film/Video Festival, May 7-18, 2008
For the seventeenth consecutive year, the MFA presents a dynamic, international roster of films exploring gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender experience and culture. This year's festival comprises 24 programs. Collapse )
Due to longstanding commitments, I can't make Thursdays or Sundays, but I'm posting a full list of the festival films (plus any other queer themed films or films with queer content I noticed while looking through the May/June film calendar), because clearly I live to be AcaMedia or something. Lemme know if you wanna come with me to any of these. Collapse )
professional me, self

Layna said today is Ascension Thursday.

I did ~20min in the weight room this morning, but I think I worked more than I often do.

I was pleasantly surprised by food at lunch today.  The Global Vegetarian was Japanese; I got two spring rolls, two slabs of tofu, and some peanut noodles.  Plus a small container of lentil soup.  I was hesitant about all of them, but they all turned out to be fine.

Cailin's in town for a bit, which is nice.  She ran down the hall late this morning, and hugged me from behind 'cause I was on the phone (to Nicole).

I had agreed to lead group tonight and also provide dinner, so I figured I'd just pick stuff up at Shaw's (Porter Square) on the way rather than go home and back (since it eats up like 15-20min each way), plus I was hoping they would have Prince shells and cheese.  They didn't, but I ended up picking up a whole bunch of food for myself.  I'm really low maintenance (or perhaps more accurately, have really low standards), so the FoodMaster is fine for me, but the big Shaw's really does make the FoodMaster look ghetto.  Being around so much "real" food makes me yet again think about trying to eat like a real person.

As I walked up Elm, SarahG biked past me and called out hi to me.  And then as I got into Davis Square, I saw Layna with her Korean tutor.

I got 9 hours of sleep Tuesday night and 6 hours of sleep last night, and this evening I was definitely fading  I'm v. glad I'll get to sleep in on Saturday.


I checked RMN's GC site last night before I went to bed, but I wasn't up for sifting through all the vote results.

Today, I saw Will's post (posted after I went to bed, I think).  I didn't even really register his slam at GC until I got into the comments, which is unusual for me 'cause I'm usually defensive about that sort of stuff even when I disagree with the side being slammed.  I was really wrapped up in Will's pain, though. Collapse )