May 3rd, 2008

hipster me

This morning I'd been wanting a nap, but tonight I actually wasn't feeling ready to pass out.

Harvard Square being on fire (link courtesy my mom) did not particularly affect my morning commute.  I was getting off the subway and heard a mumbled loudspeaker announcement and then a clearer repetition, indicating that certain bus lines were not running through Harvard Square.  The main exit was cordoned off, so I walked through the bus area out to the Brattle St. exit and back to JFK St. and then just walked to work.  The lights were out at the Mem. Drive intersection, but I don't know if that was related (and the traffic cops made things run fairly smoothly).


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I was going to go to bed early tonight because Zombie Strippers is no longer showing anywhere in the Boston area so my original plans were canceled.  But Cailin invited me to have dinner with her and Mike&Leslie.  Cailin and I gossiped about work until Leslie came home and then we were all indecisive about dinner plans.  We finally decided on Sunset Grill out on Allston.  When we called ahead (party of six-ish -- was ultimately us four, plus Henry, Meg, Erin, and Aaron) they said we shouldn't have any problem, but when we got there like an hour later [we had told them we would be there soon] there was a "90-120min" wait.  So we went to Big City next door -- which is run by the same people, though Cailin found the food inferior.  I wasn't very hungry, which was weird 'cause I've been hungry like every few hours the past few days.  I ordered a Triple Berry Bitch, an appetizer order of shoestring fries, and an appetizer order of spinach&artichoke skins.  The filling in the skins was a bit too like dip for me, but it wasn't too bad.

Someone was talking about bowling, which led to talking about candlepin bowling, and Mike was talking about how candlepin was the only bowling he ever knew, so when he used to watch movies he would be like, "Why are they doing that fake bowling?"  He commented that when you watch bowling on tv, like the championships, it's all candlepin bowling.  Cailin was like, "You watched bowling?"  I concurred that it was on Sunday afternoons, so it was something you passed by as you flipped channels, though not necessarily something you actually watch for very long.  Cailin said, "Is this a Norwood thing?"  I was like, "Is Mike from Norwood?"  As it turns out, she and I had totally had this conversation, but it hadn't really stuck since I think of Cailin's friends as people I'm never actually gonna meet.

(I got home at like 11:30, I just got wrapped up in other things, hence taking forever to post and go to bed.)

"and you'll drive me crazy with your back seat driving"

~10 hours of sleep = awesome

I did laundry, washed dishes, and ate something resembling real food.  I was okay with this lazy day (I caught up on lj more [if there's anything I haven't responded to, feel free to poke me], managed an email or few, read and feedbacked some more remix fics) until late afternoon when I was feeling fadey (sorry I wasn't very talkative, Megan -- I actually considered asking to phone you 'cause it's so much easier to tell stories that way).  I decided the precarious piles taking over my room were finally bothering me too much and so I dealt with them albeit minimally, which made me feel a bit better.

My copy of Blessid Union of Souls' Home on CD finally arrived today, so per nikitangel's request, here's "End of the World."

Today's mail also brought me my yearly MFA gift membership from my mom.  Yay!

The gas and electric bills also came, so I signed up for e-bill (and also finally went Paperless for my banking) and read a little about the NStar Green program I'd seen in the metro the other day, plus paid the RCN bill and emailed the roomies what they owe me.  (On the to-do list for after the next paycheck comes, ASP 2008-2009 subscription.)
    P.S. May 12, USPS, 1-cent increase for First-Class Mail letters (thanks to Meredith mentioning this at group on Thursday).

Should I go visit my brother in CA (the plan would be a day in San Diego and then some time in L.A. where he's living during his internship) even though we're also doing 10 days in Greece and Italy later in the summer (which planning I totally need to get on top of, btw)?