May 5th, 2008


Dear internets, why you gotta make life so hard for a reccer?

juleskicks' is dead, as is jennyo's On the plus side, silverlake has moved from to and I was able to find most of the deadlinks on silverlake (except Jules' RPF and 2 of Jen's fics -- an HP and a crossover) so I'll update the recs links (plus, especially since I think most of Jules' links were dead when I started using so I never put them in there in the first place). Oh, and the silverlake move means I'm gonna have to do a Ctrl+F on the page source of my recs pages to fix all the other silverlake links. [There's some easier way to make mass changes like that if I used CSS or something, isn't there?]

(Amy, one of these days you're gonna put your fic back up on innergeekdom, yes?)
i do it for the joy it brings

"time is getting closer"

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I called Terry tonight, and partway through conversation he actually volunteered information about how his life's been going.  (He'll ask me about my life, but it usually takes a while for him to say anything real about his own life, so since our phone conversations are usually brief, I often only get this kind of information during actual face-to-face interactions.)  When he had to go, he asked if he could call me on Saturday.  ♥  I am so so easily joy-ified.  (Speaking of phone call scheduling, Megs, will you be around if I phone tomorrow evening/night?)

Other good things today:
- I was going through some bookmarks and read some really good fic (which I have not feedbacked but which I will, I swear): "Bend Over Boyfriend" (pegging!, bandom: Jamia/Frank) and "Choices" or "Five Ways Hermione Granger Could Have Lost Her Virginity" (the first one of the five is my favorite)
- via friendsfriends: lollerskates! (there are no actual skates involved, I just really like that word)
- both my roommates paid me for utilities
- spinach&mushroom ravioli on the pasta bar, with artichoke hearts (I feel like I have pasta way too often, but 'tis yummy)

I could even make this a proper joy sadhana...

Things I did well today:
- I PDFed lots of class note packs for Nicole
- I helped facilitate some meetings happening
- I worked on updating fic rec links

Things I am looking forward to tomorrow:
- lunch with Cate
- Prof.B. says he will be in the office most of the day tomorrow (so I can "hound" him)