May 18th, 2008


[CHPC] Trinity Sunday [2008-05-18]

"And remember: I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20b)

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SCRIPTURE READING  Matthew 26:16-20

SERMON "Breathing As Pentecost People"
    Gusti opened by talking about saying goodbye to loved ones -- something that's very salient for this congregation as it's graduation time plus one of the long-time members died recently.  She talked about how here the disciples are saying goodbye for a second time and how hard that must be.
    "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."  She said she hears these as words of comfort -- that Jesus is saying he has everything under control.  But then you would expect them to be followed by a word of assurance or a word of sorrow, and instead he puts them to work (gives them the Great Commission).  "This is not what I learned in pastoral care."
    But then after that, they get, "And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age."  She said, "There is never 'goodbye.'  There is only 'God be with you' " (I of course recognize that "goodbye" is an abbreviation of that very statement).

I appreciated this sermon a lot -- the reminder that in our sorrow there is still work to be done, but that God is with us in all these things.

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    Liz said something about being hesitant about bringing politics to church or something, but she wanted to pray for the Democratic Party.  I said, "We could pray for both parties."  She was good with that.  She talked about hoping that there wouldn't be divisiveness ... and basically saying she hoped the Democrats would win in November but trying to be circumspect in saying that.  I said, "We can pray for a positive outcome in June [I had meant the Democratic National Convention, which I realized lated is in August, but since the primaries end in June I feel it still stands] and in November."  Later in the conversation, I added, "And we can pray for substantive debate that doesn't descend into personal attacks."
    I loved that she was so open to my contributions -- that she wanted help in making it an inclusive and encompassing prayer.  She (and Gusti) actually thanked me after the service.

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[MFA GLBT] The Curiosity of Chance (2006) [2008-05-18]

I got off the Green Line at the MFA, and there was this blond guy with a pink button-down shirt which was partially unbuttoned and I thought, "You're totally going to the gay and lesbian film festival." He was talking to the woman he was with, and they were clearly going to the MFA, and he said, "This is the most adult thing we've done all week." I turned and said, "Seeing The Curiosity of Chance is the most adult thing you've done all week?" He said, "We don't even know what it's about -- we just saw the word 'fashion.' " I said, "It's about a gay teenager who takes lessons from a drag queen -- I think you'll enjoy it." They were walking significantly more slowly than I was, and I was mildly concerned that the film would sell out (it didn't, though it was a pretty full house), so I didn't linger to try to chat them up further. Oh well.

The guy who took my ticket complimented me on my (JNCO) t-shirt :)
The Curiosity of Chance
8:15 pm
Sunday, May 18, 2008

Remis Auditorium

The Curiosity of Chance by Russell Marleau, (Belgium, 2006, English, 98 min.). It's the 1980s: new wave music and gender-bending fashion are in, and Chance Marquis is out--with a flair. Chance is the new kid at an international high school and target of the school bully. With a military father and scary-strict principal, he is left to seek help from his sweet, geeky friends and a motherly drag queen, who also mentors him as a performer. Chance's object of affection is a handsome varsity jock who keeps Chance guessing until the end. A poignant, funny story chockfull of infectious music. Discussion with director follows screening. Co-presented by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders and The Theater Offensive. Description adapted from All Movie Guide.

For more information about this film, please visit the official film site.
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