May 31st, 2008


Quakeland (Francesca Lia Block, 2008) [2008-05-31]

(It's a little bit weird reading a book set in [FLB's] Los Angeles knowing I'm going to be in Los Angeles in a few weeks.)

I found myself thinking of Necklace of Kisses, and how this book feels like a move further into the "real" world. Unlike the magic world of Dangerous Angels which seems almost apart from our world, this world is definitely ours, with the 2004 tsunami and all. It has premonitory dreams and spirits and such, but in a way which feels more like, "Yes, this could happen in our world."

I found Katrina's development interesting and engaging, but I would have liked the book to end when Katrina finishes telling her story. A lot of the "In Her Own Words" and following sections felt like retelling of Katrina's story but not quite, which was frustrating as a reader, and I also generally found them less satisfying than Katrina's story.
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How did it get so late?


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Kathleen came in and said: Now tell me the truth, would you really prefer it to be 30 degrees and snowing?  (9:45am, said 66F.)
I asked: For today or forever?  Later in the conversation she said what about 3/4 one, 1/4 the other.  It's a difficult question, honestly.  I do really like a lot of spring (and autumn) weather, including a lot of what gets considered "perfect" by the average person -- and if it were that kind of weather all the time, I'd have to listen to a lot less complaining about the weather -- but I'm attached to this four seasons thing (though if summer wanted to mellow out and never go above 80, I would not complain).

The FA's went to wagamama for lunch for Kyle's last day.  Prof.B asked me to take minutes at the Unit strategy meeting, so since I am not a huge fan of wagamama, I agreed (though I did feel a little bad at blowing off Kyle).  Taking minutes is hard.  It's inefficient to write down everything everyone said, but it's not always intuitive at the time what stuff is relevant.  And not having the background that everyone else present does, there were a few times I probably should have asked for clarification so that my jottings made more sense for when I had to type them up later.


I did ~25 min in the weight room.

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After we got home, my mom and I were talking about my apartment situation, and she talked about the first apartment she lived in with my dad after they got married, and somehow she told the story of wanting to put me (who was under a year old when they lived there) in a Moses basket in the tree outside the window... and shut the window.  I loved the contrast of this with the story I often talk about of her holding me closer when I was a puking child (to comfort me), rather than holding me away from her since I was gross.  She said parenthood is complicated :)


I walked over to the library around noon, and it was warmed than I'd expected.  I chatted with Joanne for about a half an hour and then Terry and I went and got lunch down by the airport.  (Taso's -- much busier than when I went with my parents six weeks ago.)  When we left, the sky was greyer, and I just knew a storm was coming.  And indeed, there was a (brief) downpour not long after.

When I got back to Somerville, though, there was no evidence that it had rained, and it felt so humd ( 4:45pm: 65F, 87% humidity, dewpoint 61F).  There is so much I need to do, and humid warmth just sucks any desire to do anything (especially any physical exertion) right out of me; this does not bode well for the summer.  (paper_crystals, I thought of you, since we are such polar opposites in this.)

Around 8 (maybe earlier) it was cooling off and breezy.  8:18pm I thought I heard thunder, and soon after I could hear from the sound of the cars driving that the ground was wet, and I could smell the rain (which I love).

I did laundry shortly after getting home, and while it was going I replaced the exterior shower curtain.  Undoing all the rings on the curtain that was already up was quite an effort.  I also found that they were dusty, which surprised me, so I took a wet paper towel to them.  I ended up accidentally bringing down the curtain rod, so I just took all the rings off and washed them.  Thankfully the rod went back up easily.

One thing OriginalRoomie appears to have taken with her which I wasn't expecting was the dish drainer.  (I was surprised she didn't take her toaster.)  I was tired, though, so after I did laundry, rather than walk/bus to Tags/Target/Sears, I did some work on GoodReads and ripped CDs.  I need to procure one tomorrow, though.

The house echoes so much more without all this other stuff in it, though in some ways it's less empty than I'd expected.
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I'm tired.

Walking to Harvard Square after work on Friday, there were two women in front of me, coming from the Kennedy School of Government I suspect.  One of them said to the other, "I think discrimination against homosexuals is a stain on our nation, I truly do," and I believe her, but she went on to say it wasn't one of _her_ causes and literally said something like, "I have my issues and other people have their issues," and I wanted to interrupt them and say that while yes, if everyone only did work around the issues they perceive as directly affecting them, no progress would ever be made.

Tonight, I was reading some commentaries on the WisCon fallout.  [I've been keeping up with it via LJ, though not delving into it much.  If you're unfamiliar, mystickeeper summarizes: "In case you missed it, someone who attended Wiscon spent her time snapping photographs of people without their permission, removing their faces from pictures, and uploading them to the Something Awful forums with some of the most hateful and ignorant commentary I have ever seen in my life. She attended panels such as "Fat is Not the Enemy," took pictures of people whom she considered to be fat, and then hatefully mocked them for the rest of the world to see, often posting people's names with the pictures. I felt physically ill reading the post, and was nearly in tears by the end of it."]

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