June 4th, 2008

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Iron Man (2008) [2008-06-03]

CAUMC young adults made plans to go see Iron Man Tuesday at Fenway. I decided to go with -- in part because I keep not being available for CAUMC social activities and here I was available, and in part because people seem so excited about Iron Man.

The last real movie I saw in theatres (not counting MFA films, The Tracey Fragments at the Boston Independent Film Festival, the advance screening of Juno at Fenway, or the advance screening of Southland Tales at the Harvard Film Archive) was PotC 3 with Trelawney late last May -- also at Fenway, actually.

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light in the darkness

Rest and Bread ("Garden")

I went to the Rest and Bread service tonight (which, N.B., is actually in the chapel on the side of the church... the front doors are locked).  I was expecting something more like the Taize-ish service at Emmanuel Lutheran, which is lots of quietness and chanting and stuff, but this was actually a mini-service: reading, reflection, prayers, Passing of the Peace, Communion, and closing.  Which was fine.

I got there early, so I got to sit quietly listening to the music for a while.  (I was really not prayerful at all, but I know when I make this more of a habit I get better at it.)

The hymnals were The New Century Hymnal, which CHPC uses.

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At the end, Laura Ruth said that Keith had helped design the service but was leaving for about a month so if anyone was interested in helping please be in touch.  I was talking to them afterward (I helped myself to some "surplus Jesus") and said my instinct was to be like, "What would that entail..." even though do I really need to be involved in a fourth church?  I said I'd see them at the Pride service on Sunday and that I'd agreed to do one of the readings (I was talking about the different churches I'm involved in, and Laura Ruth said she was doing the music with Tallessyn for the Pride Service this Sunday).  I said that the biggest thing I wanted to do with this (Rest and Bread) service was to make it clearer... both writing in the bulletin and also in the stuff the leader says aloud... so especially people who were new would more feel it flowing easily.  Laura Ruth was like super-open to this feedback, and I was all gleeful walking home.  (I remembered later that next Wednesday I was gonna maybe go to a candlelight vigil for GLBT victims of the Holocaust at 7:30pm out at City Hall Plaza next Wednesday, so now I'm undecided as to whether I'll be back next Wednesday -- though I definitely wanna go to future services.  Actually, since service is over by 7, I could just Red Line to Park and walk up to City Hall.  Yeah.  Good.)

Apparently the services have themes:
May 28 "Becoming"
June 4 "Garden"
June 11 "Gratitude"
June 18 "Ocean"
June 25 "Reverence"
hermione by oatmilk

because really what I do is regurgitate what other people have said

When I saw YahooNews last night, part of me was relieved that we're that much closer to the end of the process.  But Clinton hasn't officially conceded yet (I'm actually fine with giving her a few days before she does so), and then there'll be the VP hunt... and really I would like to be able to just discuss the differences on substantive issues between the people who'll actually be on the ballot in November.

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"A traveler is far away from home..."

As I may have mentioned, I've been listening to a bunch of Christian rock/pop recently, and one that played tonight caused me to sit up and take notice.  It opens, "It's crowded in worship today," and I was like, "Really?  What church do you go to?" As it progressed, I was like, "Really?  Do conservative evangelicals listen to this group?  'Cause I wish more would."  Okay, okay, it's not super liberal progressive inclusive, but I really like:
But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
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