June 15th, 2008


Boston Pride 2008 [2008-06-14]

Hi, Mommy, you can be proud of me -- I actually put sunscreen on before going out.


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The service started around 10:05 and was done well before 12, so we (Allie, her visiting friend Kate, and I) leisurely made our way up toward the Public Garden -- singing bits and pieces of "Come, Thou Fount of Ev'ry Blessing" as we began since we all had it stuck in our head from the Recessional :)

We watched the swans and later some baby ducklings (Allie said she was going to "explode" from cuteness), but my camera kept telling me "No MemoryStick Access," so I didn't get much in the way of photos :(

We watched the parade from the corner of Arlington and Boylston, joined by CHPC-Rachel.

At the beginning, my camera was still being cranky, but after a while it settled down.  Though I still didn't get a whole lot of good pictures 'cause I'd be watching the parade and would think, "Oh, I should take a picture of that," and then of course by the time I'd gotten my camera up (plus often turning it on, since it turns off after a period of inactivity) whatever I wanted to photo had usually passed.  Also, I was standing behind Allie and Kate, so the backs/sides of them show up in a lot of my photos :/  [flickr]

The parade reached us around 12:35 and lasted until about 1:45.  At one point there was a bit of a lull and one of the gay boys behind us wondered if it was over.  Besides the fact that I knew from last year that the parade would last at least an hour, I thought, "We've only seen like two churches, and there have gotta be at least like ten."  Someone said, "We haven't seen the governor yet," which was also true.  We never actually did see him.  (I didn't see CWM, either, though apparently they were there.)

There were a lot of politicians, as per usual, and at the first one, Rachel asked: "pandering or actual advocate?"  They were mostly running for Boston City Council, which I don't vote for, so I didn't know.  I suppose I should look into that.


We walked up to City Hall Plaza and decided to get some real lunch over by Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  We went to Durgin Park, where we waited for ever for our food because the waitress was incompetent.  Sigh.  Allie was seriously considering asking to speak to the manager, but in the end she was so tired of the whole experience that we just left.

We returned to City Hall Plaza and got fried dough ($6!).

Allie wanted a nice rainbow pin, so when we were walking around the vendors, she said, "Where's the crass commercialism?  All I see is lobbying."  She was also sad to have missed Anonymous.

Kate ended up getting a backpack from PFLAG, and they gave all of us big purple stickers that said, "I am loved by PFLAG."

My friend Kate from Smith found us at one point, which was a nice surprise.

Due to the lateness of our lunch, we weren't hungry for dinner yet, but Allie didn't have any food in her house so she didn't really wanna go home.  We decided to go see Iron Man at Loews.  It was about 6pm and the next showing was 7:10, so we laid out in Boston Common for the interim.