June 16th, 2008


something like a grownup

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The HUCTW union stopped by today.  I was reminded of us joking after Durgin Park yesterday about "first world problems."  I mean, I appreciate that I get generous vacation &etc., but it feels so weird that this cushy middle-class job is unionized.

I got my stimulus check today.  Which I will use to pay my brother the rest of the money I owe him.  I know, exciting.

I made real food for dinner -- okay, it was a pack of Barilla pasta (porcini mushroom tortellini), so all I had to do was boil water, but still, it wasn't my usual lightly toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter.  I was gonna do frozen vegetables of some sort, too, but didn't -- which I was grateful for when I hadn't even finished my plate and was full.  According to the package, one package has four servings.  Oops?  (I would say "two" servings, myself.)

I also did a little bit of cleaning around the house, which was good.

I created a facebook Event for my birthday party (Saturday, July 12, noon until whenever).  Deciding whom to invite is stressful -- Do I invite people I know won't be able to make it (either because they have conflicts or because of distance)? What about local people I'm not that close to (anymore)? etc..  And of course not everyone's on facebook, so I'll have to send some regular invitations, too.  (Er, and by "regular invitations" I guess I mean direct e-mails.)


sigrun made me an icon per my request :)  Technically, she made 3.  I'm debating which one I like best and/or if I wanna request any changes.  Collapse )