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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

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1hr delay out of LAX due to Midwest thunderstorms. Call if u feel like it.

[Edit: Interesting, LJ timestamps textposts with my home timezone, not the timezone I was texting from.]
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Still making my connecting flight? Priceless!
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Heh, now my connecting flight is delayed - and Boston just issued a groundstop on all new arrivals cuz they have a backlog, so I'm sitting on PHL runway.
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I can has arrival at BOS!
Truly I am home now.
I think the cashier at the corner store (I picked up milk on my way home) was hitting on me a little.


I came home to almost no real e-mail, but I suppose this is made up for by the fact that my flist is at skip=160 (plus I have e-mails and comments I hadn't gotten to respond to before I left for CA).  And of course tomorrow I'll likely have actual work to do when all I'll really want to do is catch up on LJ etc. and tag and organize all my CA photos.  My sleep schedule is all messed up, so possibly I'll end up doing a lot of catch up tonight, but all I'm promising is a quick skim with the occasional comment.

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