June 25th, 2008


Rest and Bread ("Reverence")

I arrived at 6:00 (service starts at 6:15, with pre-service music and meditation beginning at 6) and there were already five people there besides Laura Ruth. After about ten minutes we actually had to move to expand the circle.

The Psalm was 42. I liked the phrase "deep calls to deep" (v. 7).

The Sacred Text was Matthew 22:36-29.

This guy Jeff gave the Reflection. He talked about the "and the second is like it" bit and how we often have trouble reverencing God but maybe in reverencing our neighbor we come to reverence God. He was slightly more articulate than I'm being, but I wasn't hugely impressed -- but I have no idea what I would have said on the subject of "reverence" (I suspect I would have focused on the Psalm), so I'm not really criticizing.

I had to jet afterward to get to CHPC book study, but I hugged Laura Ruth and told her I liked that she had explicitly stated that we would do Communion by giving it to the person on our right, 'cause I think it's potentially awkward to just have people thrown into it not knowing what to expect and so I keep meaning to tell her that and keep forgetting, so I was glad to see her incorporate it into the service. (I didn't talk about how some of the flow-encouraging newbie-inclusive stuff has fallen out of the liturgy -- 'cause I feel like that needs more of a sit-down conversation.)