June 27th, 2008


Summer storm!

I thought it wasn't supposed to rain until tomorrow. Oops.

It looks so great -- dark clouds, but light underneath, and you can see the like threads of grey moving past like curtains.

Purple lightning!

[Edit] 2:00pm -- It's like opaque grey now, and sheets of rain blowing at like 45-degree angles.

Hee. Fox just ETA-ed her most recent post:
Um, anyone in Boston? You're seeing/hearing this weather, right?

...If it's the apocalypse, do we have an escape plan?
hipster me

I still don't feel like it's Friday.

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Use of gender-specific language on Facebook.  Thoughts?

Impromptu going-away party today at work at like 4pm.  I was wrapping up some work stuff, but Greg and Katie pulled me in (not that I needed much convincing).  I had a Sam Adams Summer Ale and when I left around 5:30 I could feel it -- not like I was unsteady on my feet or anything, but I definitely didn't feel like actually doing work.  At Davis T Station about 45 minutes later (I did errands at Staples and CVS) I felt fine.  I am such a lightweight.

Did I miss an announcement about changes to LJ voiceposting?  'Cause there used to be a whole slew of local U.S. numbers (and no international numbers -- though I know that was in the works) but now there are two toll-free numbers, a Canada and a Japan number, and two UK numbers.  I had a local number programed into my cell and was gonna voicepost on Monday 'cause I pay for texting, but I kept just getting a busy signal, and today I was finally a computer when I remembered that I wanted to look it up.  (The last time I phoneposted was February of last year.)

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