June 28th, 2008


[MFA] Caótica Ana (2007, Spanish) [2008-06-28]

New Cinema From Spain
Chaotic Ana
7:20 pm
Saturday, June 28, 2008
Remis Auditorium

Chaotic Ana by Julio Medem (Spain, 2007, 114 min.). Another highly ambitious and provocative film by veteran director Julio Medem (Vacas, and Sex and Lucia). Ana is a beautiful eighteen-year-old free-spirit living in Ibiza who pours her passion for life into her naive paintings. When a cosmopolitan patron of the arts invites Ana to explore her work further by moving to Madrid, she embarks on a physical and emotional journey to uncover, through hypnosis, her past lives that crossed centuries of remote myths, which challenges Ana to break the chain of ancestral violence that lingers in her chaotic soul. “Expect the unexpected in his tale about an artist exercising pure, life-affirming creative freedom...I find myself, once again, captivated in Medem’s web” (Diana Sanchez, Toronto International Film Festival). Discussion with director follows June 19 screening.

Director Julio Medem’s Official Website
This is a well-crafted film, and I enjoyed a lot of it, though some of the ideas about feminine and masculine rub me the wrong way and the ending is somewhat uncomfortable.

Initially there was a plan for doing some errands today, but that mostly didn't happen.

Ari called me last night.  It was late-ish, so we didn't talk long, but it was a nice surprise.  She left NYC for Denmark tonight and will be back in a week and change.

I got to sleep in today, which was really nice.

My sunburn started peeling Thursday night and is peeling in earnest today.  I'm glad to have the red gone, but the really dark tan is almost equally disconcerting (since it's, a, not my natural color, and, b, only on one arm -- I didn't account for direct sun when driving around with the windows down when planning when I needed to put on sunscreen).

It was cooler, and drier, than I was expecting when I left for Trelawney's baby shower.  Double-bonus for that.  It was really cool when I left around 6:30pm, and when I left the MFA about 10:30pm, it was hazy and sprinkling rain.  Oh, weather, I heart you sometimes.

Trelawney's surprise baby shower was at 2pm upstairs at CAUMC.  Michelle was there, which I totally wasn't expecting.  (She's living in Leominster, working at Dunkin' Donuts in Concord, and going to night school in Cambridge . . . so we don't see much of her these days.)  We glommed, and she even massaged my back a little (I rub people's backs/shoulders because it makes me happy, but it is really nice to have someone do it to me).

I wasn't aware that baby showers included ridiculous games (like melted candy bars in diapers -> guess the candy bar).  I was entertained by the recitation of "things Trelawney said while opening gifts" as "things Trelawney said the night Cuboo was conceived."  Apparently they had done this at her wedding shower, too.

Gary's retirement party started at 4pm, and we made it down there probably 4:30-ish.  There were PB&J sandwiches!  I was telling Eric this later and he was like, "oh, the kids' plate," and yeah I suppose that makes sense.  I was just pleased there was food I both could and wanted to eat.  At one point while Gary was up in front talking, his phone went off and he answered it, said "I can't talk, I'm giving a speech," and hung up :)  After Gary spoke, various other people came up and spoke.  (All five churches he's served were invited, which I thought was really nice.)  Trelawney came up and talked about how much she learned from Gary in her five years working under him as a Young Adult Minister at CAUMC -- beginning with things like, "I learned that the same joke can still be funny even after you've told it a hundred times."  Then her (identical twin) sister Tallessyn came up and opened with, "I was up here a minute ago, but I was pregnant."

I picked up a July/August film calendar at the MFA and was stoked to see that Girls Rock! is having multiple showings -- though the showing I'm most likely to be able to make (Sat, Aug 9, 10:30am) doesn't show up on the MFA film page, which makes me nervous.

Looking at the film calendar, there are lots of films I'm interested in seeing, many of which I think I can actually attend.  I should post a list.