July 2nd, 2008

hermione by oatmilk

"Been looking forward to the future / But my eyesight is going back"

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On CNN, Jason Wright (from PoliticalDerby.com) talked about Do's and Don'ts for picking a VP and said Don't pick someone just to get their state 'cause that doesn't always work and Don't pick someone with more starpower -- said that's not so much an issue for Obama . . . he'd have to pick Hannah Montana to have someone with more starpower than him.  Heh.

On SquawkBox, a former Shell bigwig [John Hofmeister, former Shell CEO] was talking about Arctic drilling and said other countries will drill if we don't, so we need to develop infrastructure to ensure that we do it and do it in an environmentally safe way [CNBC video].  He sounded genuinely concerned about doing it in an "environmentally safe way" and protecting the "marine mammals," which was interesting to me since earlier he had said that some environmental groups want to stop Arctic drilling "for their own narrow purposes."  The guy was a very calm speaker and sounded like he always knew exactly what he was talking about (watching live video conferences on CNN, I've gotten a sense for how often people fill their speech with "uh's" and etc.), but some of his sentences I thought, "I'm really not sure what that sentence is saying at all."  At least stuff like this I can follow -- as opposed to some of the stock market etc. stuff which is just way too much jargon and concepts I'm not familiar with.


I was debating a second breakfast (I had a light breakfast of cereal before I left the house) but by the time I was seriously considering it Spangler had closed (they break between breakfast and lunch for an hour or so).  However, folks brought in leftover sushi from last night's jr fac party and there was indeed some vegetarian sushi.  Score.

Later in the day, Katie changed the Description section of the Work Info on her facbook to say, in part, "i work at the edge of a bottomless money pit which provides a never-ending supply of sushi and chocolate cake. that's in the summer."

There was talk of going to the Square for lunch, but then it started to look threatening and then was in fact threatening.  (Greg had cacti on his windowsill and got attacked by them thanks to the wind.)


Rest and Bread ("Nation")

Psalm was Psalm 9:9-20
"Sacred Text" was Langston Hughes' "I, Too, Sing America."
In the Reflection, Laura Ruth talked about working with the deaf community in Athens, Georgia.  She talked about keeping in mind both the good and the bad things about this country.

Althea lives right near Seven Hills Park and basically invited me and Becca over for dinner (though I couldn't actually stay as I had an apartment to see).  I have new friends?  (I was touched when Althea introduced me to someone as her "friend" -- I mean, I know most people don't say things like, "my casual acquaintance of a few weeks," but still.)  I had thought she lived near Central Square, but I must have been conflating her with someone else because actually she lives right by Seven Hills Park.  Becca's moving to Worcester and mentioned a MetroWest bi women's network, and Althea has rainbow magnets on her fridge and mentioned something about an ex-girlfriend.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I found a queer tribe at the UCC.


I was telling Katie that I kind of hoped the apartment I looked at tonight (Cate's friend Melissa's) would be like, "This is awesome, you're awesome," 'cause I was tired of looking at apartments.  And I was thinking later that I don't usually fall in love with things right off the bat -- both my current apartment and my current job I accepted initially feeling like, "Well, this is good enough," and now I'm big fans of them . . . so that's good to keep in mind as a balance for my pickiness.

Anyway, Melissa was very chill about my lateness in arriving (oh bus schedules -- and it turns out the 96 takes an indirect route, so I could actually have just walked up College Ave [it took me about 20 minutes to walk home (downhill) ] but I didn't realize any of that at the time) and I remembered her from Cate's green party, and she was so relieved to not have to explain about "alternative lifestyles" ('cause hi, I already knew Cate) and it seems like it would be a good fit.  It's not perfect, but nothing is.  I want to take a day to sit on it, but I 99% think I'll take it.