July 3rd, 2008

big damn heroes

[Astonishing X-Men] #25

I picked up the new Buffy yesterday (haven't actually read it yet, btw) 'cause it comes out on a regular schedule and announces the date of the next issue at the back of the current one.  I almost checked for the new AXM but didn't.  Then of course LJ folk were talking about it.  I got the last AXM late, plus I'd gotten used to Joss' excessive lateness, so I was like, "The new one's out already?"  So I stopped at the comic book store again after work today.  The woman said I was the first person she'd seen walk in, pick up the new Astonishing, and walk out -- said usually people pick up the new Buffy, too, and so I explained.  She pointed out that I could get a subscription, and so I did.  I've been purchasing AXM from MYP since . . . September of 2006.  Sometimes the cashier will ask if they're subscription, but no one has ever actually directly asked me if I want to get a subscription.  Heh.

Anyway.  Spoilers for AXM 25, aka the first in Warren Ellis' Astonishing run.  Collapse )

Wow, this update entry is almost entirely about the weather.

Collapse )

It was warm but breezy today, much better than I had expected.  We ate lunch on the Spangler patio, and the tables all have umbrellas, and one flew off.  A guy said it was the second day in a row that had happened, which boggled me more.

I was "leading" group tonight, which included making dinner.  Meredith called at 7:06 and said both she and Mike were running late but were on their way.  I had noticed that the windows had gotten dark, so I went out the door to see.  It was raining, light curtains, and I stayed in sort of portico and got kind of misted on and watched the storm.  I saw the trees across the street swaying against the power? telephone? lines and felt a little nervous.  At one point lightning sliced across the sky almost horizontal and was almost immediately followed by low rolling thunder.  After about ten minutes it was mostly over -- and Mike showed up, so I went inside.