July 11th, 2008


Happy Birthday, mjules.

Her birthday's actually tomorrow, but I'm having my own birthday party tomorrow, so I'm going to be busy, so I'm posting this now.

I timelined us recently, but I like the excuse to do a more thorough one.

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She's a "crazy tree-hugging hippie pagan," and I wouldn't have initially thought we would become close at all, but we totally have. I am so so grateful for her willingness to listen to me talk incessantly and how she is so non-judgmental and how she is willing to believe me (though she doesn't hesitate to tell me when she has a different interpretation of a situation than I do, which I value, she never tries to convince me that I'm wrong and always respects that I'm bringing different things to the situation than she would be). And I love that we can chat easily about so many things, not just the one "topic" that initially brought us together.

So yeah, *celebrates you*
professional me, self


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From Y!chat this morning:
polymexina: i have decided we will be online chat buddies
polymexina: this is a great step forward in our relationship
hermionesviolin: Hee. I approve of this.
polymexina: if you choose, you may commemorate this day with candy of some sort
polymexina: or balloons

She recced me DMZ, and I checked MLN to see if I could ILL the trades.
Dude, I had to ILL all ten volumes of Sandman back in the day and now they have a "GRAPHIC SHELF"?  (Checking Norwood's catalog for Sandman now, they apparently only have Volume 1 -- Preludes and Nocturnes -- and Endless Nights.  Oh, and The absolute sandman. Volume one.)

She also told me about TheHathorLegacy.com, which looks interesting.  I was surprised to not see The Sarah Connor Chronicles in the tv show section.

Which reminds me that I really should place my preorder for that (release date: Aug. 19, 2008) and for HIMYM S3 (release date: Oct. 14, 2008).


I chatted with Sara (newNicole) over email a bunch this afternoon, which was nice.  And she came up to check out my dozen red roses -- and, bonus, team effort we easily got the water changed and the stems cut.


I bought two guest parking passes like last week and now they've vanished.  wtf?
     I emailed RoomieKatie tonight when I noticed it, and she said, "I used one for my brother's car the other night, and then had to park it in medford because i will be away until Monday. If it's not there, then my brother must have left it in his car, which I am so so sorry about. I feel like such an idiot. But there was only one there the other day, which is strange because I saw two there before."
     *considers insisting that people park at Alewife and get shuttled by partygoers who have vehicles with Somerville resident stickers*

And the Red Line is shuttle bussing between Kendall and Park again this weekend.  Sigh.

I did do grocery shopping, so I can pretend like I'm going to feed people tomorrow.  I also did laundry and some more de-cluttering (another bag of paper purged).