July 14th, 2008

hipster me

I always want a Subject Line but rarely do update posts lend themselves to one.

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I don't care about sports, but I found myself watching more ESPN (and even SquawkBox) than CNN's This American Morning.  These seem to basically turn into white noise, which I find interesting because I am so bad at tuning out background noise in most contexts.  But I only can't tune out when it's stuff I can understand (by which I usually mean: can make out the words), so I guess sports and markets are enough of a foreign language that it turns into white noise.

I've seen a few of the Titletown, USA contender segments thus far (Pittsburgh, Chapel Hill, Palo Alto) and it's usually a video montage with a  dramatic voiceover (listing lots of items making the case for that city).  Today I got an interview with Jonathan Papelbon ("[Tom] Brady's an attractive guy, but..." apparently there was some listing of hottest [sports?] couples, and Papelbon and his wife were #4 and Tom Brady and Giselle were like forty something) and a brief music video to Switchfoot's "This Is Home" (from the Narnia [Prince Caspian] soundtrack, apparently).

Edit: Wednesday's Titletown was NYC and they had the usual dramatic thing and then later in the program (almost quarter of nine) they had a brief interview with Derek Jeter and then a "This Is Home" music video . . . so maybe I just somehow missed Boston's long program? /edit


When I got sucked into reading craigslist person ads a little while back, I saw a w4w titled "would you benefit from massage/affirming touch? (boston)" and I met up with the woman tonight.  She was neither sketchy nor hippie-dippie.  Woot.  We chatted for a while and exchanged back massages (seated, shirt off bra on, complete with massage oil).  I swear she retained more from the professional massages she's had than I did from the actual class I took.

I recurrently flirt with the idea of going back to taking massage classes.  The inconvenience of the Salem location is a major deterrent, as is the fact that it is surprisingly difficult to actually get friends to let you practice on them -- and I don't think I'm wired to do it as a career anyway.  But it's something I generally enjoy doing and am moderately good at (really I think people are just easy, but whatever), and there is such a dearth of safe positive touch in so many people's lives.  I'm seriously considering placing an ad like hers after I'm settled into my new place.